[Android] Home tab spent amount incorrect

Issue: Home tab ‘Spent’ amount incorrect

Details to reproduce: sign up to Monzo, transfer in £10, then go to WH Smith and purchase a £1.99 bottle of diet pepsi using Google pay. You then receive the £5 sign up gift. Balance now = £13.01 (15-1.99) but the spent figure says 0.00 despite the summary tab showing some spending
OS: android 9
Device: pixel 2
App Version: 2.50.0


Apologies if this is an existing bug, I tried filtering threads by android but couldn’t.

Not that this is correct behaviour but likely the spent today is factoring the bonus meaning you have spent - £3.01 but the spent today doesn’t go negative.what category does the bonus come under? Does the spent today change if you make the category “General”?

Sorry brand new user so forgive my newbness, the 1.99 spend shows on summary tab under shopping. The £5 bonus shows in transfers as £5… Not sure what else I can do? Seems fairly basic, bit disappointed tbh.


Hoping someone from Monzo app team can respond asap, this might not be deemed a high priority or severity bug by some, but to me as brand new user, seeing incorrect calculations in a banking app fills me with little confidence. Bugs exist, it’s the turnaround time that’s important.

The calculation is correct. You received £10.00 then spent £1.99 (10 - 1.99 = 8.01) but you received another £5.00. (8.01 + 5 = 13.01)

So you spent £1.99 then received £5 (1.99 - 5.00 = -3.01)
The app won’t display a negative spent amount so will display 0.00 instead.

Hopefully this helps

How is me spending 1.99 and spent showing 0.00 correct? Surely if I spend 1.99, spent should say 1.99, unless I’m missing the point of the spent field @Cameron ? Why does a positive amount going into my account have any affect on what I’ve spent? Cheers.

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure. Don’t think I have ever really paid much attention the the spent total before. I suggest you buy something else and see if that increases it.

Incoming Monzo-to-Monzo payments are taken away from your Spent Today total so stuff like Bill Splits are taken into account (eg: if you pay for a meal you’ve had with a friend worth £50 and Bill Split it 50-50 with them, you’ve only actually spent £25 not £50). Quite a few people want bank transfers to be taken into account too.

I’ve outlined a possible solution here:

Ok thanks @awjdean, think i understand the intent of the field, for me for now I’ll ignore it :slight_smile: - doesnt sound like a bug then cool