Refund doesn't update left to spend or spending in category

I bought some new glasses on the weekend, assigning these to the personal care category. I got a partial refund today from the insurance I have from my work when I can claim back on costs. However, the refund has not altered my left to spend or changed the amount spent in the personal care category, even though I assigned the refund to this category.

Is this not a feature or is it a bug?


Sounds like a bug. Does it show in Summary / Income / Transfers?

Shows in the summary and my balance has gone up but not showing up in categories or updated my left to spend

So i’ve been in touch with Monzo about this and they said because it’s a BACS payment from my insurance it will show up as income and I can’t use it to offset the amount in the personal care category.

This means not only is my total spend for the month and personal care category spend not accurate, my left to spend is also not accurate. I’ve had to hide a transaction of a similar amount in my personal care category just to get everything calculating properly >.<


Thanks for the update.

Ah, that makes sense now. A little unfortunate how it acts though - the ability to re-class it from ‘Income’ to allow it to be used to offset a previous payment (using the same category) would be better.

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Yes I agree! Could that be a suggestion I could put forward for Monzo possibly?

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I’ve added this topic to bug reports :smile: - you can vote by tapping on ‘Vote’ at the top-left of the topic page. I’ll vote too!

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Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

This feature has been suggested already. You can vote for it here:

I’m pretty sure this isn’t a bug given that the same happens with bank transfers.


I should replace ‘bug’ with ‘performance improvement’

Hopefully this will get attention in the upcoming Summary improvement project :pray: