"Exclude from Summary" Added to Bank Transfers

Scenario: Going 50/50 on takeout with a friend and they transfer me the money, it would be great to include this in my summary under Eating Out to “top up” what my budget says.

I’m sure there are a ton of other anecdotal pieces, even transferring money across from your own accounts.

In a niche situation my friend’s mum had to send something across and she doesn’t even have internet or a smart phone, so sending the “request money” link wasn’t an option. FYI, this functionality is added for splitting a payment with other Monzo users via the request link (I can’t speak to non-users with the link, however).

Great idea to add the switch to incoming payments I agree.

Then for your example where 50% of a meal is transferred in and the switch is left off, the amount can ‘top-up’ the left to the spend.

Where as if you say transfer £x amount to yourself from your savings to pay for a car for example you can then switch it on for both payments and the left to spend is not affected.

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I’m hoping for bank transfers to be added to my budget too, preferably with the ability for it to top up via a category, too! Keeping track of spending when splitting payments with Non-Monzo users is a pain, at the moment.

A thread on this already exists, so please vote for it and contribute to it! :grinning:

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