Q&A Interval

Hey all!

With the Easter weekend upon us, lots of people taking a well deserved break, and me being smack-dab in the midst of a secret project that I am not allowed to say anything about (no, nothing to do with anything :apple: related) we are taking a break from weekly Q&A for this week!

I thought I’d use this time to gather some feedback.

Here’s all the ones we’ve done so far.

Week 1 : Chris MacLean, Customer Operations & Vulnerable Customers :santa:t2:
Week 2 : James Nicholson, iOS Engineer :green_apple:
Week 3 : Tara Mansfield, People Operations Manager :woman_technologist:t5::man_technologist:t3:
Week 4 : James Routley, Backend Engineer :hammer_and_wrench:
Week 5 : Hugh Wells, Customer Operations :policeman:t3:‍♂️
Week 6 : Naz Malik, Technical Specialist :computer:
Week 7 : Fred Morgan, COps Squad Captain (Calls & Social Media) :telephone_receiver:
Week 8 : Emma Northcott, COps Scaling Team :balance_scale:
Week 9 : Jarno Wolf, COps Financial Crime Specialist & Squad Captain :wolf:
Week 10 : Maria Campbell, Head of People :woman_office_worker:t2::man_office_worker:t4:
Week 11 : Jim Amey, Night COps Captain :bat: :crescent_moon:
Week 12 : Richard Cook, Online Community Manager :man_cook:
Week 13 : Beatrice Borbon, Content & Press Manager :newspaper:

Team Stats!

6 x COPs Team
2 x Marketing & Community
2 x Scalers
2 x People Team
1 x Product

Which ones have you really enjoyed - how can we improve - do you have any suggestions for improving the format? Most importantly - who do you really want to see in the Hot Coral Hot Seat™️?

I have a couple of people lined up for the next few weeks from teams that we haven’t yet heard from, but as with everything at Monzo, we want your thoughts on what you want to see! So let me know and I’ll get out my Hot Coral pen and my Hot Coral notebook and take down some notes… or maybe just pop them in Google Keep, or Evernote, since I’m paying for it and probably not getting my money’s worth :wink:


who do you really want to see in the Hot Coral Hot Seat™️?

Its got to be Tom Blom - we could have a vote if you think that would help :slight_smile:


Does this super-secret assignment have involve working out of a Lab?

👀 pic.twitter.com/J6LUyQIdUQ

— Tristan Thomas (@trstnthms) March 29, 2018

But I digress! Some design people please.

Oh and how does strategy work? Tom and others have spoken about the direction that Monzo’s taking, but how do you translate a financial control centre for a billion people into individual features, whilst making sure that each new or iterated feature takes you in the right direction?


I think that Simon B would be a nice addition to the list :thinking:


The cleaning staff.


Simonb or Tom (Bet I can guess the first question) get my vote

Also cleaners, I bet they know all the dirty little secrets


Does Tom have a PA or assistant. If so, them!

Also, who are the other members of the Board? They’d be interesting to get to know.

(And, in the future, maybe some investors - either crowdfunders or someone from Passion Capital to explain why they’re funding, and how much influence, feedback or other interaction they have with the company?)


Yeah but would they answer the really vital questions such as pineapple on pizza and if they like cats. The financial stuff is just dressing


Their job application form should end with the usual questions about disability and if any adjustments need to be made for interview, followed by the pineapple on pizza, love cats, and Marmite yes or no, questions!

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Yes he does :grinning: Her name is Frances and she’s awesome.

As for the Board and investors… well, Eileen actually owes me a drink. Maybe it’s time to come collect :grin:


I think Paul and Hugo would both be interesting occupants of the Hot Coral Hot Seat™.


though not one sitting on the other’s lap

Unless there’s mutual consent from both parties!

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More back-end engineers would be awesome. Watched most of the talks Matt, Oliver, and Simon have given at conferences. Would be great to get one of them in the hot seat! :slight_smile:


How about the lovely Beth Scott in the hot seat? or yourself?


When will @matt get his turn? I’m not a techie by anyone’s measure but I find his technical talks very engaging

Got some non-tech burning questions for him too if he’s ever free to do it :heart_eyes:


such as does he like cats; and pineapple on pizza I had to insert the semicolon to make it abundently clear I did not mean pineapple AND cats on a pizza!


I understand he is responsible for all of Monzo’s emoji and cat gif compatibility, so if he were to appear on the Q&A we may finally get confirmation from Monzo that cats is gud :heart_eyes_cat:

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I asked on twitter for the animated Hot Chip to be given a pet cat. They’re passing it on to the relevant team :sunglasses:


I can give you a sneak preview:

:heart_eyes_cat: :white_check_mark: