Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻

Introduction :raised_hands:

Welcome :wave:

Thought I’d kick this new channel off with something I do best… Really long posts :joy: Ohhh and technical teardowns, explanations and sneak previews of things inside the Monzo app :eyes:

With Slack gone, this will be a channel I definitely call home :houses: it comes with the added benefit of me seeing a live preview of what I’m writing, a luxury Slack doesn’t provide :smirk: plus I’ll never lose track of a post :tada: and fingers crossed it’ll bring even more Monzo Devs, Engineers and other Tech heads into the fold :sunglasses:

So I guess I’ll get right to it with some examples! When new updates drop, I’ll pop:

  • The changelog
  • Any visual differences inside the app
    • Extra buttons, toggles, icons… You name it!
  • An APK Mirror link
  • And anything else that I think suits that thread :grin:

into the Monzo for Android - Beta Channel Changelog thread.

And then:

  • The ‘string diff’
  • New / Updated assets
    • Images, icons, logos, etc.
  • Feature Flags (if I’m not beaten to it by some other cool people! :joy:)
  • And anything else that might tickle my fancy :grin:

into this thread :sunglasses:

Hopefully that sounds as awesome to everybody else as it does to me :tada: Give me a shout if you can think of anything I’ve missed! :wink: Or if there’s anything else you’d like to see :eyes:

Examples :partying_face:

Here’s 5 examples of what you can expect to live in this thread (if it’s relatively ‘minor’) or in this new channel (if it’s mindbogglingly massive :exploding_head::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: i.e. crowdfunding stuff… Though I won’t share anything that would step on the toes of the media or trash NDA’s for Monzo :innocent: I’ve got to draw the line somewhere :wink:)

Enjoy :sunglasses:


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Hey all, I’ve moved the Slack convo to a new thread - @nexusmaniac deserves his own space for his amazing teardowns and deep dives, after all! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :android:


Here we go :smile: The first attempt at handling the update & the teardown on the forum :eyes:

What have we got to day in version 2.33.0? :grin: Monzo for Android - Beta Channel Changelog

A couple of new icons :eyes: For Gas :fire: & Electricity :zap:

ic_electricity_rounded ic_gas_rounded

This links to the following (exciting :tada:) strings inside the app:

    <string name="energy_quote_energy_type_dual_title">Gas and Electricity</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_energy_type_electricity_title">Electricity only</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_energy_type_header">My home uses</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_form_action">Get a quote</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_form_intro">We’ll give you a quote based on your home size.</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_home_bedrooms_header">My home has</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_home_bedrooms_label">Number of bedrooms</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_meter_economy7_subtitle">Means you pay different rates during the day and at night.</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_meter_economy7_title">Economy 7</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_meter_prepaid_info">We don’t support Prepayment meters at the moment.</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_meter_smart_subtitle">Provides detailed information on how and when you use your energy.</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_meter_smart_title">Smart</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_meter_standard_subtitle">Most homes in the UK are fitted with standard meters.</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_meter_standard_title">Standard</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_meter_type_header">Electricity meter type</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_meter_unknown_subtitle">We can still provide you with a quote but it might be less accurate.</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_meter_unknown_title">I’m not sure</string>

Just like the latest iOS Test Flight, Android can now move DD payments between Joint & Current accounts :tada: It even gets a nice new button :yum:


    <string name="move_payment">Move payment</string>
    <string name="move_payment_account_chooser_dialog_title">Which account would you like to move this payment to?</string>
    <string name="move_payment_account_type_joint">Joint account</string>
    <string name="move_payment_account_type_personal">Personal account</string>
    <string name="move_payment_error_dialog_confirmation">OK</string>
    <string name="move_payment_not_supported_body">Only the person who moved this payment can move it back to the account it came from.</string>
    <string name="move_payment_not_supported_title">You can't move this here</string>
    <string name="move_payment_to_another_account">Move payment to another account</string>
    <string name="move_payment_too_soon_body">We can't move your payment back right now. You can move this payment 2 working days after you last moved it.</string>
    <string name="move_payment_too_soon_title">You can't move this yet</string>

That payment switcher looks interesting. I assume it is behind a flag and therefore not live in the beta app yet?

I can’t see it within the app, so I believe it’s feature flagged, yes.

I’ve got an extra popup when selecting to switch accounts. It’s just adding an extra click at the moment but I assume this will be available elsewhere in the app in the future.

[edit] I see this is being talked about in the other thread, so we need two threads for this?

Does this mean people can move Direct Debits from their Monzo joint account to their Monzo personal account (and vice versa)?

Or are you referring to the CASS for joint accounts?

The text suggests it’s between personal / joint accounts I think.


That’s a really great feature if it’s between joint Monzo account and personal Monzo account.

Hopefully the same functionality will be available for Standing Orders too.

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Still can’t edit scheduled pot moves :neutral_face:

I guess it would be nice from an ease point of view but unlike a Direct Debit, a Standing Order is something you have complete control over (in terms of moving it about or editing it) :slight_smile:

All you’d need to do is cancel it and set it up from the Joint Account in the meantime :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A button would be nice in the long term though :tada:

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It’s similar to having a “Retry standing order” feed item, you could look up the sort code, account number, amount and reference then send a bank transfer yourself, but it’s a much nicer UX to just click the feed item then click “Retry standing order” (or “Retry payment”).

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More to come :eyes:

But in the meantime…


And a mysterious red page :joy:


I will explain how to get these, and more, later on :sunglasses:


Here it is, version 2.34.0 :sunglasses: Monzo for Android - Beta Channel Changelog

So last week there were some pretty new icons for Gas & Electricity :eyes: Now we’ve got the real deal :tada:

    <string name="energy_credit_check_info_message">Most energy companies perform a soft credit check to make sure you can pay your bill on time. Soft searches don’t affect your credit score or any future credit applications you might make. Only you can see them on your report and it doesn’t matter how many there are.</string>
    <string name="energy_credit_check_info_title">What’s a credit check?</string>
    <string name="energy_dd_guarantee_action">Direct Debit guarantee</string>
    <string name="energy_dd_info_bullet_one">"Octopus will take the first payment on the day the supply starts (this can take up to 21 days). After that, you'll pay on the 1st of the month (you can change this later)."</string>
    <string name="energy_dd_info_bullet_three">This Direct Debit has been calculated based on your meter and house size.</string>
    <string name="energy_dd_info_bullet_two">The amount may change when you give meter readings.</string>
    <string name="energy_dd_info_title">Your monthly Direct Debit</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_about_direct_debit">About your monthly Direct Debit</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_about_electricity_tariff">About this electricity tariff</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_about_gas_tariff">About this gas tariff</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_big6_message">"The Big Six are the UK’s largest energy suppliers, supplying gas and electricity.

The Big Six are: British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, Npower, Scottish Power, and SSE."</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_big6_title">Who are the Big 6?</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_confirmation_info">We’ll share your details with Octopus and they’ll set up a new Direct Debit for you. Please check your details are up to date.</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_confirmation_switch_action">Switch to Octopus</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_confirmation_title">Switching to Octopus</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_cost_calculations_body_economy7" formatted="false">"Octopus Energy use your meter type and house size to calculate how much energy you’re likely to use in a year.

Your yearly cost is based on using %d kWh of electricity during the day, %d kWh during the night and %d kWh of gas. It includes VAT at 5%%."</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_cost_calculations_body_standard" formatted="false">"Octopus Energy use your meter type and house size to calculate how much energy you’re likely to use in a year.

Your yearly cost is based on using %d kWh of electricity and %d kWh of gas, and includes VAT at 5%%."</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_cost_calculations_title">How is this cost calculated?</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_credit_check_info">Octopus Energy will perform a soft credit check.</string>

    <string name="energy_quote_energy_type_electricity_title">Just Electricity</string>

    <string name="energy_quote_extra_info" formatted="false">"Your estimated yearly cost is %s
This is cheaper than most %s standard tariffs"</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_extra_info_big_6">Big 6</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_fair_price_subtitle">Octopus gives you long-term value. They’ll always let you know about price changes.</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_fair_price_title">Fair price and no exit fees</string>

    <string name="energy_quote_form_intro">Octopus will give you an initial quote based on your answers.</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_form_title">Get a quote</string>

    <string name="energy_quote_how_cost_calculated">How is this cost calculated?</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_meter_economy7_subtitle">You pay different rates during the day and at night.</string>

    <string name="energy_quote_meter_smart_subtitle">Shows you how and when you use energy. If you switch to Octopus Energy, your smart meter will function as a standard meter.</string>

    <string name="energy_quote_meter_standard_subtitle">Most UK homes are fitted with standard meters.</string>

    <string name="energy_quote_meter_unknown_subtitle">Octopus can still give you a quote but it will be less accurate.</string>

    <string name="energy_quote_meter_unknown_subtitle">Octopus can still give you a quote but it will be less accurate.</string>

    <string name="energy_quote_month_label">/month</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_monzo_role_subtitle">In the future, you won’t need to shop around for a competitive energy tariff. We’ll make sure you’ve always got a great deal with Monzo.</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_monzo_role_title">We’ve got your back</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_renewable_subtitle">Octopus uses 100% renewable electricity.</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_renewable_title">Eco-friendly</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_switch_for_you_subtitle">Octopus will tell your current provider and your energy won’t be cut off.</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_switch_for_you_title">Octopus will switch for you</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_terms_check_box">I have read and agree to the Octopus Energy %s</string>
    <string name="energy_quote_terms_clickable_part">T&amp;Cs and Privacy Policy</string>
    <string name="energy_switch_success_subtitle">Octopus Energy will confirm your switch by email in the next few days.</string>
    <string name="energy_switch_success_title">You’re all set</string>
    <string name="energy_tariff_subtitle">We suggest checking your new energy plan to make sure everything’s correct.</string>


Looks like Monzo’s partnered with Octopus this time around :slight_smile:

<string name="business_account_title">Business account</string>

<string name="welcome_monzo_business_body">The quickest way to add money to your business account is via bank transfer using the details above. You can find these again at anytime via the Account screen.</string>
<string name="welcome_monzo_business_title">Your business account is all set up and ready to go!</string>

Getting that bit closer to Business accounts :wink: That’s all we have in this release though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    <string name="referral_tracker_step_1">Email added</string>
    <string name="referral_tracker_step_2">Download Monzo</string>
    <string name="referral_tracker_step_3">Card used</string>

Getting a bit closer to tracking the joining progress of your friends (if you’ve invited them :smile:)


image image

Little Monzo with a £ and a huge Octopus :joy:


So how do you get to the energy comparison page? Or is this a deep link you’re using?

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Octopus unfortunately don’t supply to Northern Ireland.
And business accounts arent something ill need anytime soon.

Dare I say it im feeling a little sad and selfish with the latest developments not being available for me :laughing:

Deep link :slight_smile:

You can’t click them from inside discourse (sadly :frowning:) but it’s monzo://energy_quote :slight_smile:

When you go on the link, you get this "We’ve got your back. In the future you won’t need to shop around for a competitive energy tariff. We’ll make sure you’ve always got a great deal with Monzo’. So i’m presuming they’re planning on getting others signed up pretty quickly


Feature Flags :eyes:


<boolean name="monzo_requests_enabled" value="false" />
<boolean name="business_signup_enabled" value="false" />
<boolean name="business_account_switcher_enabled" value="false" />
<boolean name="multi_provider_savings_enabled" value="false" />
<boolean name="personalised_card_order_manufacturer_idemia" value="false" />
<boolean name="energy_switch_enabled" value="false" />
<boolean name="sync_token_manager_enabled" value="false" />
<boolean name="credit_builder_enabled" value="false" />


<boolean name="joint_account_cass" value="false" /> ... <boolean name="joint_account_cass" value="true" />
<boolean name="signup_notifications_opt_in_stage_enabled" value="true" /> ... DELETED
<boolean name="savings_v2_available" value="true" /> ... <boolean name="savings_v2_available" value="false" /> (Savings Pots)