Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻

(Michael) #21


:drooling_face: Personalised cards.

(Nicholas Robinson-Wall) #22

FWIW - all monzo cards are considered “personalised” (e.g. embossed with your name). We’re adding a new manufacturer soon and this feature flag isn’t intended to control any new app behaviour.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #23

Interesting stuff! :eyes:

I instantly assumed it would have something to do with colour selection or something crazy like that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Michael) #24

Booo. That’s less exciting. :sob:

(Rika Raybould) #25

This feature flag controls something my team has been working on for the last couple of months. It controls if your card orders are sent to a particular manufacturer. In this case, IDEMIA!

For some background, due to our growth and some future project demands, we’re adding another card manufacturer to our supplier pool.

When you order a card, it’s put in a queue of card orders, batched up, and sent out to manufacturers at multiple points in the day. This is how we get such quick dispatch times. :boom:

If all goes well, you shouldn’t notice a single thing. The cards look and act exactly the same as recent cards from our other suppliers, though they are all coral core and have the smaller chip contacts.

The only new user-facing feature we’ve added is that if you’re getting a card sent abroad, you’ll now receive the tracking number as a feed item, rather than having to go through support and ask for it. :post_office:

(Michael) #26

That’s pretty cool … if you need an independent judge of the new provider vs old cards, more than happy to help :eyes:


Is this also the case if you get a card sent by recorded delivery in the UK?


I wonder what effect Smart Meters will have on energy supplier switching in the near future, especially since every home in Britain should have been offered one by the end of this year.

If Monzo somehow link up to Smart Meters and get usage data, then I imagine they could build up a profile for a customer to accurately predict their energy usage (similar to how they build profiles to predict unusual transactions). Then they could suggest potential switches to the customer based on the data.

(Chris Rimell) #29

I was about to have my smart meter fitted by Bulb today, but the job had to be called off because the mains supply is not secure :frowning:

Can’t wait for these kinds of real time data switching options!

(Nathan) #30

Again… being from Northern Ireland I can’t wait to be offered one of these on 31st Dec 2019

(Stephen Spencer) #31

oh and here I was getting excited about the prospects of cards with fingerprint readers, rotating CSCs, multiple identities … (but not metal, nobody wants that)

(Kolok) #32

To make them compatible with post office :smile:

(Sean) #33

In theory because the communications to and from Smart meters is being managed by a body independent of the energy suppliers (DCC) that the process of switching then becomes easier. So easy that the aim is to go to next day switching which is all covered by the Centralised Switching Service.

Should be gone are the days of having to sign up and wait weeks while txt and xml files saunter their way between old and new supplier. Reducing the risk of suppliers accidentally requesting the wrong meter in a block of flats and taking over your neighbour’s supply etc. There is a caveat though, in that not all smart meters are the same and not all are managed by DCC, so until this happens not everyone gets a level playing field.

In order for Monzo (or another third party) to utilise the information then they would need to be able to connect with DCC who have a quite stringent access process (fair enough really given the volume and sensitivity of data). I’m not aware of any plans to have third parties access this information but the possibility might be there now.


Did you join the smart tariff? Or have they begun rollout?

Because of my crap British gas meter, my estimates are always wrong and my bills / statements are wrong. I wouldn’t mind but I’ve been with them over 2 years and it’s been an issue since day 1.

It’s not unique to bulb either, various suppliers computer systems can’t grasp my readings (night rate reading never increases)

(#savetheseabass) #35

It’s for Britain not the U.K.

(Rika Raybould) #36

I was thinking more business banking and such. :sweat_smile:

(Chris Rimell) #37

Bulb have just started their rollout (they have a waitlist you could sign up to four their smet2 rollout). I was one of the first visits in this region.

Unfortunately I’m gonna have to wait for Northern Power to come fit a new board and entry point so that the meter can be installed. Given I was one of the first visits they didn’t want to risk making a bad job of it, so I’ve got a wait now! Also I suspect they’ll have a lot of these issues as the old terraces have the boards in damp cellars and they haven’t been replaced for probably fifty years

Damn! I want my meter now haha


Yeah I joined the list, just haven’t heard anything from them.

Hopefully you don’t have to wait too long for it all to be sorted!

My meters are outside in separate cupboards, access to the house isn’t needed to replace them either so hopefully not much longer to wait!

(Nathan) #39

Suppose we can blame stormont or lack of government then on that one

(#savetheseabass) #40

Add it to the list :grin: