Moving on from Dev Slack

“With Slack gone”… ???

Intrigued by that myself, I went take a look

@cookywook has a post over there saying the external Slack will close on Monday

This new Developers category aims to take its place - supposedly easier to moderate and easier to get back to old data

I cannot share the post as have deactivated my account - will my account and data be deleted after Monday? Maybe they will say over here

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"Hi everyone ​

We’re planning on moving Developer chat away from this Slack channel to a more dedicated home on the forum. So this Slack workspace will close on Monday.

The Monzo Developers Slack was a great way for us to stay in touch with folks building great things on our platform, and chat to the Developer community between hackathons. We’ve since outgrown Slack as a way of maintaining this community, and we’ve hit the limits on what we can do here. It’s no longer a good way to get support and information about development as information isn’t preserved long enough to be useful.

Slack also isn’t a great platform for moderation… We have a responsibility to provide a safe, inclusive environment across our community platforms, and we can’t guarantee this across the countless private channels we have no visibility over.

The future:
We’ve created a new category on the forum for Developer Support:

And we’d also encourage you to come and join the Monzo Chat and General Chat areas, if you’re not already involved.

A few people have asked if they can set up an unofficial Slack channel. That’s fine, of course. We know some of you prefer Slack and have friendship groups here you’d like to carry on speaking with. Please just make sure it’s clear it’s not an official Monzo channel.

We’ve talked about this internally too and we want to make sure we’re still giving a great support experience for developers out there. We really appreciate the real-time feedback we get from our community, and hope to see that continue over on the forum too.

I know a lot of you will have feedback and questions, so please do feel free to ask."


Thanks for grabbing the text out

Should have done so before deactivating my account

Mods, perhaps these last few posts can be moved out to a new thread under Developers to cover the change? Thanks

I believe you have to pay for active users on a Slack community so they probably got too many people and started costing too much…

Let’s keep this discussion a bit less slack related :see_no_evil:

The slack was a free one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but you’re right, it would be very expensive were monzo paying for the 4000+ users on it :sweat_smile: (admittedly only <500 were active.)


Thanks for separating this thread out as per suggestions

Is it possible to get an answer to the question above?

Currently I cannot log in as I have “deactivated” myself, but it does still know my details and email address (as it emails me on “failed” login)

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Slack died after I got banned anyway #JustSayin


It has now been deleted:


Thanks. Guess that has achieved what I was after given there is no sign in option

In this case not particularly concerned about the data being held; just been on a big mission to get on top of all the accounts I hold (new email addresses, new secure passwords for all), so I can delete these details :slight_smile:


Hey :wave:!

As most of you will know, today was sadly the end of the beloved Monzo Developer Slack. It was a great place to share knowledge, report bugs and well as have some great off-topic chat. :speech_balloon:

The great news is we have created an Unofficial Monzo Community Slack, with lots of the same channels to ensure that the latest Monzo discussion can continue. It would be great if you could come and join us, along with the 150+ that’s steadily growing.

If you’re interested, head along to and sign up. :memo:

If you have any questions at all, feel free to DM me.

Peace out,
Cam :peace_symbol:


Hey Cam. Your message has been heard loud and clear. No need for the multiple posts. :+1:


Not sure posting it in multiple relevant places hurt anyone :slight_smile:


Not sure where pain comes into it, other than you could say posting the same low value content is painful. It was valuable the first time. Not the third.


Please don’t continue to post it in various places, the community are aware it exists and can find it with a quick search :blush:


Sorry you’re not a fan Tom and class it as ‘low value content’ :+1:Just wanted to get the word out to make sure that the people who used the Slack group regularly have somewhere to go!

Regular slack users will know where to find you :slight_smile:

Hope it goes well!

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Folks have asked for this to be closed. You can find info on the unofficial Slack above.