New feature coming 👀

Monzo Senior backend engineer & open banking lead @kieranmch has recently posted on twitter that he has been trying out “the most technically complex thing” he has ever helped to build. Lets have a bit of fun with a poll and see if we can come up with any ideas what it might be.

  • Dark theme
  • Advanced budgeting / summary
  • Account aggregation
  • Other open banking initiative (e.g payment initiation)
  • Something else

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We’re already discussing this here:

Looks like it could be related to disputes:

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Ah didn’t see that :see_no_evil:

But worthy of its own thread I’d say!

I’d love something super exciting :grinning:


Nah not playing what could it be, how’s about they just say on the Twitter post, if it’s pretty much complete and just doing final testing then it’s hardly needs to be a state secret and sure the competitors aren’t that fussed


Nor me. I have the patience to wait to be under/overwhelmed by whatever it is, whenever it arrives.


From reading the post it looks like they’ve already downplayed how “exciting” it will be.

So I think Dark Theme and advanced budgeting can certainly be ruled out.

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Although dark theme most definitely seems on the horizon for Android at least, but it’s probably not the technical challenge mentioned by Kieran, as others have already said :slight_smile:

Can’t wait!


That is a great read and although I’m on iOS has got me very excited!

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Let’s just say dark mode and budgeting tools would not fall within my team’s remit :wink:


Open banking stuff then?


If it’s open banking it wouldn’t suprise me if it’s something like seeing other accounts in your Monzo app.


I’m pretty sure I know what this is based on a few Slack tidbits I saw before I left. But the fact that I don’t know for sure is kinda exciting :joy:


I think it is paying anybody with a text or link.


That has existed for years already though…

Also Kieran just said it’s not the other two options on the poll which confirms it’s open banking :rofl:

It can be related to open banking. In fact it would work a lot better using the open banking APIs.

The ‘technically complex’ bit makes me think it’s seeing your other accounts in Monzo, just because you’ve got so many other bank integrations to test and fine-tune, whereas to the end user it would just work.

It could also be:
Pay by bank app
Cheque imaging
International transfers
A magic money tree


The seeing other accounts in Monzo would make sense. It would encourage people to CASS, too - they can see exactly what will be moving over to Monzo and be reassured? :man_shrugging:

So now you don’t work for Monzo you can share it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: