Old Pot Images

In a similar (but completely opposite) vein to this awesome thread: New Pot Images - where we shared out sweet new Pot images :hot_coral_heart: - I thought I’d share some (now) older Pot images too :blush:

Because I’ll miss the piggy bank photo so much on future Pots… I thought it’d be nice to share the ‘legacy’ images for any of the nostalgic folks among us :wink:

(This famous little piggy has also featured here, with a fantastic hat :joy:)

Here they all are, in their .png glory! :smiley:

But this is @nexusmaniac:smirk: It can’t stop there :wink:

Here are 2 Pot images you’ll only have seen if you’re a Monzonaut, business customer(?), unofficial Slack member or paid super close attention to the lovely Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻 thread (I think) :grin:

The OG Committed Spending (Bills) Pot & pot_tax_cup :yum:


Really going to miss Piggy currently got it setup on my Piggy Bank pot and it’s just so fitting haha will probably be able to find a copy online somewhere but it’s just a shame to see it go.

It won’t disappear :blush: it just won’t be possible to add it to a new Pot :wink: (unless you grab a copy from this thread or unsplash :grin:)

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Now this is why you’re the real MVP :wink: if you could link me to the image so I can have a backup that would be awesome :hugs:

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The image is in the top post :smile: you should be able to download it / grab the link but here it is just in case :grin:

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My guy thank you very much the piggy lives on haha ^___^

This is the only pig pot image that matters.


Hey, pig, yeah, you. Hey, pig, piggy, pig, pig, pig, all of my fears came true. Black and blue and broken bones, you left me here, I’m all alone. My little piggy needed something new.

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