How to stop amazon from leaving parcels lying around?

Some small amazon deliveries could easily fit in our communal post boxes however they insist on leaving parcels outside my door in the hallway, why ?

They don’t all do this. Just some

I know you can give delivery preferences but none of them say " leave through post box "

Learn to live with it, that’s the simple answer or just don’t order from Amazon, or use a Amazon locker


Thing is. Royal Mail dont do it, neither do any other courier I’ve used

You’ll not find an answer here, take it up with them if it’s so much of an issue


Amazon aren’t the courier, it will be RM most of the time.

For a lot of places, Amazon now use their own “Amazon Logistics”, rather than outsourcing to someone else.

I expect it’s a “embrace it” situation unfortuantely.


I don’t know. Ask me one on sport.


If you don’t like the way a company conducts business, stop using it.

It’s quite simple really.

If you want to shop at Amazon, you accept its business practices.

You’ve raised this before, @Venomx. The answers haven’t changed.


Have I really ? I can’t remember

I think I asked whether they post through the letter box or not for you guys

You can quite easily update delivery instructions on the website. Wether the courier decides to look at them is another matter.

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Yeah but none of them say leave through letter box

One word - complain

He is complaining but chose the wrong website to do so :wink:


I still support my previous suggestion: a big neon sign outside pointing at where the packages should be left. I’m sure you could set up a custom controller/routine to only turn on when the tracking status changes to ‘out for delivery’

If the courier can’t deliver to your address properly*, the best solution is probably to see if there’s an Amazon locker near you and have your items delivered there instead. You’ll have to leave the house to fetch them is the downside, but the upside is anything delivered to a locker will be securely locked away until you collect it.


I thought I’d replied to this thread before, but I guess there must be another one about Amazon messing up deliveries somewhere? 🤷

Anyway, at a previous address I had a lot of issues with Amazon deliveries being delivered, but not being delivered, or being left in a safe place but then not being in said safe place, that orders kept being refunded.

Eventually they refused to refund me because it was happening so many times unless I reported the missing parcels as thefts to the police, who had no interest in helping, to get a crime number and then had to sign an affidavit.

One thing the police did suggest though, to keep Amazon liable for missing parcels was to use the text box for delivery notes to state that under no circumstances should the item be delivered unless signed for by the intended recipient. So anytime Amazon didn’t adhere to those instructions, or let joe bloggs sign for it, they were liable and had to refund per their own terms. It didn’t fix their delivery service, because they never read the notes, but it reduced my risk of loss when they screwed up.

Some things I’ve employed since then, are smart doorbells and smart locks, so I can see when items are being delivered, where they’re being delivered, and grant them access to my property. The latter is not an issue anymore since moving to Scotland. Where I live everyone just leaves their door unlocked whilst away from the home and the postman or courier will leave parcels in your home. Even when you’re home. They’ll open your front and door and leave the parcel in your hallway, no knocking or signing. It’s really nice.


If it’s a problem — worth using an Amazon locker or collect from a shop

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Yep, collecting from my local post office was something I ended up using most of the time myself. There are item size, weight and type limits for this service though. Same with lockers. Amazon lockers in my area were never available to deliver to either. They were always displayed as being full during checkout.

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