Amazon driver stole my parcel

Not sure if that ever happened to you guys but today I was expecting a robot vacuum cleaner from Amazon. I was told on the day of the delivery I will need to provide the driver with an One Time Passcode before he can hand me over the parcel. As I was at work and I have reception downstairs, when he called me I asked him if it’s possible to leave the parcel with the receptionist and I will give him the one time passcode via the phone. He said he will call me back I 10 mins. After 10 mins he called me he requested the password and marked the item as delivered. I went to collect the parcel from my reception and the receptionist said he couldn’t leave the parcel with him as it’s high value and he left… as I checked the CCTV I can clearly see he took the parcel with him and marked it delivered so I assume he stole it. I told Amazon about this and they just said to wait for a couple of days to see if it shows up. Totally stupid response as clearly the driver stole it. Has something similar happened to you? I mean it’s a lesson learnt that you should never share your passcodes over the phone… Let’s hope Amazon will give me a refund in the end…

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I was right there with you


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Just play the game wait a couple of days and then carry on with reporting it. I’m assuming you’ve taken a copy of the footage as proof etc


A reasonable assumption, but maybe he marked it as delivered, and then discovered he couldn’t deliver it.

Different circumstances, but I had a parcel marked as delivered once, and it turned up the next day.

Do this. You’ve nothing to worry about as you have CCTV and receptionist evidence.


Have you written a review?


I sure did :joy:


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@NikosVourkas sometimes they’ve just pressed the wrong button and find it when they’ve cleared van and deliver it a couple days later that’s why Amazon say wait a few days. Please let us know the true story when resolved.

So it’s been a few days what’s happened to the package

I’ve had something similar happen, but they came back the next day and delivered it. Amazon said the same, just wait a few days.

@NikosVourkas has been stolen by the Amazon driver?


Yesterday Amazon left my parcel outside my property. 10 minutes later Uber Eats delivery driver stole it… he delivered fast food to my neighbours…

Do you have that on camera?

Yes. I contacted Amazon about this issue. They replaced stolen package.
In my orders they marked stolen parcel as returned… I don’t know why

Well in the end Amazon took responsibility and marked the parcel as stolen and gave me a full refund. I mean they are pretty good at doing that. They never said what happened to the parcel though or if they will take any action against the driver. Who knows! At least that’s all sorted!


I work for Amazon and I can assure you that the driver will be dealt with. If you have CCTV footage, I would suggest getting hold of customer services email address and emailing it to them as proof so it can backup their investigations. At least you’ve got a full refund. I’ll be willing to bet the driver will be removed from employment as things like this are taken very seriously.

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I know of the opposite happening…driver didn’t know what the one time password thing was and handed parcel over anyway. Then person receiving claimed they never got it, as the system showed undelivered due to not having the OTP put in, Amazon gave him a full refund on a quite an expensive order :neutral_face: wonder what happened to the driver…

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