Royal Mail keep delivering my post to someone else

Really getting fed up now. Last week my post was delivered to a neighbour who I don’t know where they live. The same has happened again today ?! It was a signed for parcel and on the rm website it has been signed for by someone else as they’re signature isn’t mine ?

I’ve messaged them on twitter and I find this ridiculous

Like everyone else, the RM has been badly affected by Covid and lots of people who don’t usually deliver the post are doing so and/or are doing different rounds then normal - give them a break.

The Royal Mail are not collecting signatures at the moment for tracked items - it will be the postman’s signature - this is for the protection of their staff

Their staff have been told to leave the parcel by the door, ring the bell and make sure it’s collected - then sign for it themselves. If not collected, they take the parcel away… they don’t leave it.


It won’t help right now but adding extra details to your delivery address can aid better delivery, I used to have this happen a lot in my old house.

I used to live at 69 Melbourne Lane*** and at the bottom of the hill was a block of flats called “Melbourne House” which was also on Melbourne Lane. In the first 2-3 years of living there a lot of my mail went to 69 Melbourne House, Melbourne Lane instead of my house. Luckily the guy living there was very nice and walked up with the mail.

I started adding to my address 69 Melbourne Lane (top of lane near Wales Street) and my mail never got lost again in the following 7. I never complained to Royal Mail either in the initial 3 years.

Only once did a delivery driver complain I didn’t live on Wales Street :sweat_smile: !

*** I’ve changed the address name to a different address.

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Ok hopefully mate. I’ll check as soon as I get back

Ok I’m not at home atm but the postie has signed it and it says delivered on the RM app?

Unless gt94sss2 is your postman, he isn’t going to know where it is.

Maybe a neighbour has it? They know you’re at work and they’ve taken it in for you. None of us know.

You can ring your local sorting office or see if it’s there when you get home.


I don’t have a number for them but if it has gone to the wrong place again, I’ll go into my collection office and put in a complaint

Last time I tried calling the Royal Mail I would only get through to an automated message

That will be the same place, that’s what I meant really.

Where the depot is, where the post comes from. Your postman should really know the local area, but it may be a different one due to current staff levels.

Can you get parcels delivered to work? This would stop things arriving as you’re not going to be at home.


Ok it is here all ok :ok_hand:t4:
I was visiting my family , hopefully it’s rectified now

Whether a neighbour brought it round or whether it was the postie I don’t know

Thanks guys

Not sure this is allowed just yet. Unless it was visiting the park together, keeping 2 meters distance

I have to be with people every day for my mental health

Think this is the second thread you made about parcels mysteriously appearing which already had a status of delivered? You seem to have very bad luck, or need to see why it is happening, or who is taking them in for you. If someone is taking them in for you, their goodwill might run short at some point.

Is that you, Dom?



Well if it is the latter then I hope they direct the postie to where I live and it shouldn’t happen again ?
Either way after the corona virus I hope it gets back to normal

I’ve complained via email so hopefully it doesn’t happen again

Perhaps you should stay with your family for the time being?

You are putting then at higher risk of getting Covid by visiting them daily.

Complained about what? That you weren’t in while the post was correctly delivered?

With respect, for the sake of your mental health, I suggest you stop checking postal tracking systems, especially when you’re not physically in your property


Nope. My post last week went to the wrong house and a neighbour brought it round during the night whilst i was asleep
That’s what I complained about as it could have been important or expensive

COVID-19 aside. His recent experiences with Royal Mail have been my normal for many years now. Letters are fine, they never seem to lose those as far as I’m aware (although I did receive an already opened birthday card one year, with the cheque missing). But I’ve had parcels:

  • not delivered, but apparently signed for by me

  • Delivered to the wrong address, with the resident often claiming it wasn’t actually left with them

  • Being tampered with in transit

  • Left on the street, including signed for parcels.

  • Simply lost in transit.

It wasn’t until I purchased a few ring cameras, that Royal Mail would do anything about it as it caught the driver pulling up outside my house, got out of the van without any parcel, wrote a note to say it was left in my porch, and got back in the van and drove off.

Amazon had threatened to sanction my account due to the amount of refund requests I had been making due to non-deliveries that Royal Mail were reporting as delivered. Even with the corrupt postman replace, things are still frequently lost or tampered with in transit, especially if my parcel is of high value or labelled fragile.

I recently mailed 4 bottles of hypochlorous acid to a friend, when sanitising products were scarce. It arrived in a completely different box than I had wrapped them in, and 3 were missing. I’ve lived pretty much all over the U.K. except for Wales, and that experience has been fairly consistent. Though I do receive and send a substantial number of parcels.

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I haven’t had the same experience.

Perhaps you should consider signing up to the Royal Mail Survey which monitors mail sent/received to you.

You need to agree to a) log survey items you receive and b) post items to other participants.

In return, you get some free stamps etc.

RM use the data to report on the quality of service stats to their regulator and identify problems/issues/delays


So you weren’t at home and they delivered it to your neighbour so that you didn’t have to rearrange delivery or go to the delivery office.

Surely I’m not the only one confused no? They’ve done their job, I’m not sure what there is to complain about?

If you don’t want parcels delivered to your neighbours best advice would be to:
a. Make sure you’re in.
b. Have the parcel delivered to the address you’re likely to be at.
c. Use the option of delivery to your local post office (where possible).

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I’ve had a few occaisons over the last ~9 months where post for my address (multiple flats at one house number) routinely get delivered to the same flats at the next house, (The “A” equivalent of my house number, if that makes sense).

And vice versa, I get their post. Fine for normal mail but a bit of a pain when it’s a package - especially when conflicting schedules means it’s both hard to know somethings been misdelivered, and how to get hold of whoever has it.

But Royal Mail do have a feedback form online you can fill out, I did so a while ago but not sure if I’ve seen any improvement. In my case it seems it’s broadly linked to the house number being with/without an “A”, so I can at least appreciate why it happens.