Royal mail - who to contact?

My parcel was supposed to be delivered today according to vista print and the royal mail website says its “out for delivery” and I’ve been waiting for the last 3 hours it’s still not here however my letters have arrived

Should I just wait or should I contact someone?

Here we go again…

Postmen/women who deliver your letters don’t always deliver parcels. If it still says “out for delivery” what is the issue?

You should only be concerned when it says “delivered” and it isn’t in your hands.


Wait. It’s not being delivered by your normal postman - you wouldn’t have any tracking details at all if they were delivering it. It will be someone in a van full of parcels driving around just delivering parcels.

There’s still lots of today left in which he could turn up.


OK thanks guys I’ll wait it out then. Issue is I get bad anxiety waiting for stuff plus I can’t get on with my day if they take ages. I know it’s no one else’s fault just explaining myself :+1:t3:
Thought they usually gets here earlier than this too


Good excuse to post this


Got it, thanks guys.
Lesson learned, I’ll wait next time


I was waiting for someone to lob it over the back fence :laughing:


That should have been Yodel. Hermes is spot on though.

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From your title - contact Royal Mail, surely? Don’t need our permission to do that! :smiley:

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Just wondering if that’s the case, why do you keep putting yourself in this situation then? It’s getting to be almost weekly and so it can’t be good for your health :confused:


As far as I know vista print are online only so if what I want is in the shops I’ll obviously go in store instead

Take care of yourself, that’s what is important.


Your history of topics on here doesn’t match this.

What I’m saying is that there are plenty of places you can print things, there isn’t just Vista Print. Most supermarkets do and I’m sure you’ll have a nice cheap, friendly local printer that will do it for you too. Just have a Google search in your area. I also know from your past topics that you pay an absolute fortune for next day delivery so you’ll be saving a lot of money too.

I’m saying this for the good of your health. If you’re struggling with anxiety and you keep repeating the same mistakes over and over putting yourself in this situation all the time then you’re not helping yourself at all.


I know dude but Iive in a small town with no photo shops
Plus it was a custom made large poster which as far as I know can only be created and purchased online

It doesn’t matter if you live in a small town, you’re making excuses now. In your last topic you paid something like £30 for next day delivery - get a taxi or heck I’d even pick you up and take you to your nearest retail park for that price!

You’ll then be in control, knowing exactly what time and day you’re getting your items and you’ll be a lot healthier and happier.


There’s nowhere that do large posters round here. And the reason I buy so much stuff Online is because I get anxiety in public places especially if they are busy.

Anyhow my poster is here now and next time I’ll know to not expect it in the morning :+1:t3:

Also it was not £30 iirc it was £10 from lush


Just out of interest where do you live?

Regardless, I’m glad you’ve got it sorted now :slight_smile: Hopefully you’ve learnt from this and fingers crossed there won’t be another postage topic on here next week :crossed_fingers: :wink:


Thanks dude :grin:

Are you happy with it?

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Yes delighted
I tend to make custom posters because then I can have exactly what I want. Plus it’s loads cheaper