Mysterious Parcel?

Can anyone figure this one out or hazard a guess has to what happened as im confused

Ordered some liquids on Sunday from as i usually do, they were dispatched on Monday.

I went to bed last night at 7pm as usual, this morning the liquids are outside the door of my flat in the communal area and the inside box had been opened but the outside was intact. All the liquids are unopened.

Really confused as to how they mysteriously show up during the night, any ideas ?

Just concerned if i buy them again the same could happen ?

Delivered to the wrong address. Someone opened it, realised they didn’t order it and then looked at the address. Done it myself and neighbours have done it to my parcels

They resealed the outside box


Delivered to neighbour by mistake. They opened to see what it was, realised it wasn’t for them and put it back outside your door?

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Makes sense, thanks :blush:
Only thing is The outside packaging was plastic and I’m sure it wasn’t opened however I was half asleep and may be wrong

Just concerned as it could have been something expensive and don’t want it to happen again. It’s the first time that’s ever happened. This is why when ordering expensive stuff I wait at home for it to be delivered

I’ll have to ask my neighbour if and when I see them

Make sure you post an update to let us know.


Will do thanks :pray:

Before you started the thread, did it occur to you that what @Rat_au_van mentioned could be the case? Do you think that anyone here would know for a fact what happened?


It could be what @Rat_au_van mentioned, or someone checking what’s in it at a shipping hub or whatever. :smile:

I wouldn’t wouldn’t worry about it if everything you ordered is there, and in tact :+1:


Parcel fairy working late into the night, just wanted to look at what you’ve ordered :rofl:

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If it was to happen again in future how do I prevent it?

Due to the coronavirus I think it was a different postie to usual and therefore don’t know the area very well. Yes just saw postie and was someone different, so I politely told him where the apartments are but he didn’t seem to be listening

You can’t prevent people making mistakes. This is the first time it’s happened to you so you know it’s not common


If the outer wrapping is plastic it’s easy to sellotape over a split and it be hard to spot, assuming they used a knife or scissors to open it. Or many packages have resealable tape inside, like ASOS use, so you can return stuff in the same pack, they could have opened it and just done that.

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Big neon sign pointing at the front door? Like old American diners had?

Ok, I’ll mute this thread now


Tbh he should do that anyway coz it’s cool :sunglasses:

Not very energy efficient though

You could use a custom script to turn it on/off depending on status? The code could check the tracking status every 30 minutes. When it’s out for delivery it would turn the lights on, then off when it’s updated to delivered

Now that I think of it I want this for my Hue lights but it sounds complicated to code

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Have you considered changing the first line of your address?



In this instance I probably wouldn’t worry if everything looks ok?

If you’re ordering anything in the future of particular value that you don’t want to go missing then maybe it might be worth choosing a local pickup point instead? I know the likes of Hermes, DPD and a few others allow you to get your stuff at a local shop. That way you can go collect at your leisure and don’t need to worry about it going rogue on you.

In general I don’t trust people in communal areas. It’s not really a case of not trusting neighbours, but more not trusting people that might be in the building that dont live there. A flat I used to live in had an intercom and because I was on the ground floor I always got buzzed to let people in upstairs, I never did as you dont know who they are, but some people dont always care and let anyone wander about.

I guess im just wanting to avoid any potential hassle with valuable items, especially at the moment, Customer Service teams in most industries are hard to get hold of and I’d hate to get into a dispute where the courier is claiming delivery and you havent received anything


It depends of the courier, DPD(and some other couriers) will alert you what stop you are or when you’re next, you could trigger it via the incoming text that turns it on when for an alotted amount of time or if a delivered text is received, whichever is first.

If you use smart bulbs/plugs you could probably achieve this without a script :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I know I probably took this too far, but it would work :rofl:

Vaporiser liquids :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: