A warning about using Amazon

Amazon is really convenient, but when they mess up they take no responsibility. Here is the story about what happened to me and how they decided to deal with it. Let this be a cautionary tale.

While living at my old apartment packages would often go missing as the Amazon delivery person often dropped of all packages at one doorstep and then left. Sometimes the resident would be an honest soul who called the front office to let them know, but most of the time none of the intended recipients would ever see the package. Each time my package didn’t make it I would contact Amazon and ask them to NEVER drop off packages at any doorstep but leave them with the leasing office. Unfortunately, those instructions were never met.

A few weeks back I moved to a new place and decided to try to order from Amazon again. My thinking was that new address equals new and a (hopefully more) responsible delivery person. When the first package went missing, I contacted Amazon to let them know. Their response was to close my account and they would not refund me for the package or for the Amazon Prime membership which I have already paid for. I contacted Amazon, but they said their decision was final. I will now contact my CC company and ask them to do a chargeback.

Sorry to hear you’ve had such an awful experience.
My guessing is that due to the amount of requests for missing items, it’s flagged up as suspicious internally.
Have they given you any appeal procedure etc?

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I’d assume you’re right. I had just wished that instead of closing my account, they would fire their employee who regularly misplaces packages. My story could easily have been verified by them making a call to the apartment complex and have them tell them what I do, that packages often gets ofloaded at one door.

I’ve contacted them over the phone and the customer service agent I spoke to said she had filed a request to have the account reopened and that I would get a response within 48 hours. The department working these cases can not be reached over the phone. I was told they do not have phones. I have also gotten no proof that the claim was actually filed.

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A few years ago I ordered an item on amazon I never got it even the tracking said it wasn’t delivered and they couldn’t find it and they email me and said they will refund me and I can only claim for a missing item one more time after that my account will be closed, I find that was a strange response to the situation

I am sorry about that. Amazon might be convinient, but they handle their customers awfully.

How many parcels have gone missing? Sounds like they did more often than not.

You’re right. More often than not they went missing. Now that I can’t log in it’s hard to say how many, but I’d guess it’s 7-8 packages went missing.

yeah thier customer service is appalling, so now I have packeges delivered to thier lockers if possible

I was going to suggest getting them delivered to a locker or your place of work. Hopefully your appeal goes well ::crossed_fingers:

Have you considered not using amazon?

A lot of the time they are more expensive, amazon prime items have an amazon tax applied to them on top of your £80 a year as well, and more often than not you can get the same items for the same price or cheaper direct from the supplier.

I’d agree with you if packages was all I ordered from Amazon, but I have them deliver most of my groceries as I don’t have a car. With Amazon Prime you don’t have to pay for the delivery, which is really convient and saves me a lot of money.

Amazon just got back to me:


Thank you for contacting us. You are receiving this email as a follow up of the recent correspondence you had with the Customer Service team.

As we informed you earlier, we have closed this account. This is because you have consistently asked us to issue refunds for a large number of your orders. While we expect the occasional problem with an order, we cannot continue to issue refunds to you at this rate.

After a thorough review, we have decided not to restore your full access to this account. You will not be able to place orders on our site.

I don’t see what the problem is. You can’t expect Amazon to foot the bill for your dishonest neighbours.

Amazon leave mine outside all the time and I’ve never had an issue.

Like a previous poster said you could’ve had them delivered to a locker or your place of work to avoid this.

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I don’t expect them to foot the bill because of my dishonest neighbor, however. I do expect them to be able to leave all packages to the leasing office when I ask for it, like every other carrier already does.

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But you’d tried this multiple times and they couldn’t?

Why didn’t you enter the address as the leasing office specifically instead of your own address?

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Exactly. When I had delivery issues, I just added further instructions to my address. E.g. I once lived at 14 Sycamore Lane. Parcels kept going to the flats 14 Sycamore House at the bottom of the lane so I just added “(at the top of the lane near James Street)” below my street name and they never got lost again.

Sorry to hear of your troubles @bendik but I haven’t had any major problems with Amazon in the 15 years (yes, I opened my Amazon account in 2004) I’ve used them.


They don’t want your money. And there’s other places that deliver food for free delivery or cheap enough for it not to matter.

You are paying for delivery for food with amazon somewhere trust me.

Isn’t there an option to tell them where to leave parcels if there is nobody in (eg inside the building, at front desk) - were you using that?

In general I’ve found Amazon customer service to be fine, but recently I had an issue with a car charger they had supplied which was only a year old. They, contrary to their obligations under the Sale of Goods Act (or whatever it’s been succeeded by), basically said ‘tough, not our problem’.

It is their problem. The retailer is responsible for issues in the first 2 years under EU law and up to 6 years under UK law.

You’ll usually get that from them if it wasn’t sold by them. Although they will normally handle the return for any reason.