DPD Delivery Service

Any good ? I don’t trust trustpilots reviews btw

From my experience they are the best by far, usually shows a live map of where the van is and what stop number it’s up to and what number you are with a time estimate etc.


Having used many (to send and receive), I’d also agree that DPD were the best.

That’s not to say I’ve never had an issue, but it’s rare, and they perform better than the others (TNT, Yodel etc) in my experience.

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Agree. Anecdotally I can’t remember having a problem with DPD, and they seem the best at live tracking and updating.

On the negative side, that means I can’t comment on how they deal when things go wrong.

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I had one experience with them going wrong (as in… manage to misplace 80K worth of stock), and it was a bit of a battle to be honest.

The things I concluded from it were…

  1. Don’t expect things to arrive on time around peak seasons (somehow every delivery company still underestimates Black Friday sales).

  2. It can often be the driver who is the issue - If you have the same driver for your area, and they happen to be bad at their job… You’ll often have issues (but the same can be said for anyone in that example).

If you get Paddy as the driver, they’re great


Honestly - I think DPD are awful. The last three interactions I’ve had with them have been truly terrible.

They were a day late delivering a pre-ordered phone to Carphone Warehouse, despite the app saying it was delivered at 1030hrs that day. Took hours of chasing customer service to locate it

I bought a phone case (for same phone) and the seller used DPD. They refused to push it through the door or re-deliver as they said it required a signature (Seller said he had no requested this). I had to go to their local depot which has more security that Wormwood Scrubs, and just as friendly.

Recently I bought a pair of shoes from ASOS. Sadly they also used DPD so I arranged for it to be delivered to a ‘DPD pickup point’, a massive Currys PC World right next to a motorway that literally thousands of people pass an hour. By 9.30am on the day of delivery they sent me a message saying that the driver couldn’t find the drop off point and they were being returned to sender!

Finding out a company uses DPD is like a punishment for me


DPD have been ok with the stuff I order online and that company uses DPD but for shipping I use DHL

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By far the best courier service. always a delight when a company uses them! Love the app and the flexibility. Their live chat customer service has always been great

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Never had a problem with DPD, probably the best service of all delivery companies I’ve used, both as sender and recipient.

The live map and 1hr delivery window are really helpful.


Couldn’t agree more! :mailbox:


Ive had nothing but good experiances with DPD. I think they are the best delivery company

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It all depends on the delivery person mostly. DPD is much better than other with their tracking and very accurate delivery times but if the delivery person is not too bothered they will mess up deliveries.

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I’ve had experience ranging from good to absolutely awful.

Most of the time they’re fine. When they get it wrong, they get it very wrong.

Recently they delivered a parcel of mine to a ‘local collection point’. They kept telling me I could go collect it, but couldn’t tell me where.

That said, I’ve had problems with pretty much every major courrier. They’re no different from any other.

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I’ve had lots delivered by DPD, both personally and at work. Years ago they were not great but nowadays I prefer deliveries from them than any other company. Specific delivery times, travel tracking and I’ve even got to know my local driver.

It really depends on your local depot - round here they are ex-yodel and terrible.

I’d pay more for a delivery by DPD than by any other service quite frankly. I don’t know if they use the GPS map thing everywhere or just London but it’s brilliant.

They do have a weird thing where if they arrive earlier than the time quoted, they have to sit in their van until the minute they’ve advised you of - though recently one guy took a photo of the barcode on my package on his phone so he could scan that later when he was ‘allowed’ to deliver my package. He said if no one was in to take it, he’d try again later as he couldn’t mark it as undelivered until he’d been able to save a photo of the property door to prove he’d tried. But I’ve never had an issue other than one being delayed by a day once, but that’ll happen to any service.

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They use it everywhere :wink:

They don’t in the Highlands! When I’m at my parents it gets handed off to local couriers so you just get a date from DPD, not a time and location. But I didn’t expect it to work up there, it’d be next to useless, it could say you were the next delivery but they’d be 50 miles away.

DPD are my favourite followed by FedEx. The one hour delivery slots they provide really set it appart.

Saying that I’ve never had a bad experience from any delivery company. They’ve all been fine where I live.

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