Same day delivery

I love same day delivery from argos esp as its only £3.95 but wondering how long it will be until its the norm for Internet retailers in your opinion?

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Depends how far it has to come. By its very business model, Argos has distribution centres (stores) all over the country. Amazon has distribution centres all over the country so can offer same day in many areas. If somewhere only has a distribution centre in one or two locations in the UK, chances are it will not offer same day delivery.


Can save yourself £4 most of the time by going directly to your nearest Argos.


Don’t have a car, no argos in my town and I get anxiety in public places

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I regularly use Amazon Prime Now, an edited Amazon ‘catalogue’ plus all fresh food from Morrison’s delivered within an hour. Can’t go wrong.

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Can we get a new category for ‘Deliveries’ on here?! :smiley:

I would actually use that a lot.

As a minor aside, Amazon now do a thing called “amazon day” on Prime, so if you’re consistently buying stuff from Amazon, you can get them to group all your deliveries onto on specified day of the week.

Order to your hearts content Monday - Thursday, safe in the knowledge it will arrive on the Friday (or whatever day you choose).

Super useful if you’re ordering non-urgent things


Even ordering non urgent things, I generally want them the next day. Not because they’re urgent but just because I can.
I’m waiting on a hard drive now. It’s not urgent and it doesn’t matter if it arrives today, tomorrow or the day after but I’d like to have it today.

Next Day delivery sounds like a lifetime when you’re used to same day.

Fewer deliveries are better for the environment though.


Not necessarily. They could use electric vehicles if they cared. Ordering less is shifting the problem incorrectly to the consumer.

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I didn’t say ordering less, just grouping non-urgent deliveries. It’s not shifting the problem to the consumer of the company doesn’t know what you do and do t consider urgent.

When you order same day deliveries the delivery area is very small - plus the depot is fairly close to you. If they swapped out all their delivery vehicles to electronic cars, bikes or milk van type things it’d be great. Fewer long distance deliveries from depots that way in massive vans.


But we, as consumers, still have choices and things we can do. Every little helps.

Not so useful for me. Everything I order from Amazon I want tomorrow (relative to when I’ve ordered it) :sweat_smile:

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Let me rephrase… super useful if having a known, fixed delivery date is important, and you order a lot of things online!

I too buy too much stuff of Amazon I want yesterday…

Most of the UK electricity comes from burning gas, which has a large carbon footprint. So fewer repeated journeys, reduces use of energy, reduces congestion on the roads and potentially less packaging (recycled, recyclable or not) is better for the environment, no?

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Renewable energy is cheaply available. Look at Bulb for example, their pricing is great.

They could use electric bikes to deliver, not adding to congestion.

And the packaging thing is already solved as same day Prime packages are delivered in their original boxes or in a paper bag if you’ve got several small items.

The world changes, but I refuse to believe anything ordered from Amazon is urgent enough that NEXT DAY is an absolute must. But sure, let us continue to fuel that economic model, it’s done wonders for us all so far.

@TTJJ - undoubtedly Amazon et al could look to electric bikes etc but they still require energy. One trip is better than several, regardless of the energy source. And the packaging thing isn’t solved already, Amazon still sends massive cardboard boxes filled with packing material for some items.

Sorry but denying that Same Day delivery is not harmful is plain wrong. And no-one needs stuff that fast. But hey, “I want” seems to rule the day eh?

Note: I am an Amazon Prime customer (for free thankfully) so a lot of the above might be my own guilt at yet more cardboard turning up… thankfully I don’t order all that much from Amazon these days. #supportlocal :slight_smile: