Anyone Use Collect+ Before?

Ordered something yesterday to be sent via collect+ ( next day delivery ) and still has not been dispatched when usually it is a few hours after the order. Got a feeling somethings gone wrong with this order too.
Messaged ebuyer but they’re not open yet

Yep I’ve used it. It did take an extra day or 2 before I had the message it was ready to collect.

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Ok thanks for that :slight_smile:

Use it a fair bit. It’s 100% not the quickest but it’s convenient as it saves visiting a post office


I use it a fair bit as I’m never home during parcel-time to collect anything.

Broadly never had an issue - parcels tend to arrive in around the same timeframe as if I selected normal royal mail (not next day, but maybe 2 or 3).

Find it more convenient as I don’t have to be in from 3AM - 11PM for the delivery window…

Jeez. Wait until 9am, phone the companies that you are dealing with.

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This is very true of Collect+ - never had an issue with something going missing but it’s not the fastest service going. Similar service to Hermes.

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It’s always a day slower than home delivery for some reason, even if the destination is next door. I guess they use different transportation methods, no point using a tracked courier like DPD if it’s going to a corner shop. Not something I’d worry about unless there wasn’t an update after two days.

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I have used them several times with no issues

I find they are their best if you go with pick-ups from somewhere a bit larger and more impersonal like my local Tesco Express. Staff all fully capable and speedy with the machine and generally have a somewhat more secure and dedicated area to stash arrivals and returns rather than them grinding around on the floor

Had several successful delete deliveries and now alarm one successful return, all of which took me no more than a minute

Yes they are not as quick as some, but I’ve never had to get a lift to some madly out of the way depot, like I had to with FedEx!

Use them all the time, but only for returns back to companies

Got this via twitter
Hi Simmy, thank you for your message. I’ve taken a look at your order and it does look like we had to review with Collect Plus if the store you have chosen is still a valid Collect Plus address. We have received confirmation that it is but unfortunately now it has been delayed. Your order is processing for delivery tomorrow and I will refund the carriage you have paid on your order due to the delay. KL


Excellent. The company you were dealing with, dealt with your enquiry.


Collect+ is the best way to use Hermes (who deliver the actual parcels last i checked). Didn’t know they did next day delivery though, and sounds like it’s eBuyer just being terrible.

You order so much stuff :scream:

If you’re constantly having issues and it is affecting your health you need to start collecting from stores in town. It may cost a little more but when you’re paying £20 next day delivery and it is stressing you out, it’s certainly worth it.

You’ll also save Monzo money in server fees for not having to host another topic about deliveries too :laughing:


Do they send a text/email when its ready ? Just created an account and it’s linked to my order :slight_smile:

Says they will send a code and you show it to the shop keeper

Thanks guys :smiley:

They will send a code and you show it to the shop keeper.

When I’ve used it, the code came from the retailer by text and email.


Your question has the answer :wink: If they say they send you a code, then they send you a code once its been delivered.

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If you normally see your wages pending at the top of the feed the day before it arrives then you can claim it early.

I’ve had a nightmare with it,if the seller doesn’t put their return address on then the store end up keeping your item if you haven’t had the code sent even if it has your name on etc,it happened to me 3 times at the same shop,2 items went back & I never got the third but did get PayPal to sort it out. Since then I pick my address,had it if worked I’d of used it more. Even Royal Mail signed for has gone to the wrong door leaving me with a moody signature and a nightmare trying to get money back. Make sure the seller has a return address in case you don’t receive the collection code - and good luck! :wink:

Just picked it up,all went well. Will use again in future but only for cheap items

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