Where’s the chat option?

Using the iOS app and can’t see how to view the chat window. Spent time searching the help file on how to do it and still saw no option.

It’s not great having to come to the forum just to find out how to chat to your bank and is very frustrating.


Search for Contact Us?

Thank you. I searched for chat instead of contact.

I wish they would add a button so customers don’t have to find the right search term or have to ask in the forum.


It’s at the bottom of the help section on my app

Not on mine (latest version but I’m not Premium).

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Used to be at the bottom of my screen too and I was just a bog standard user too. I managed to avoid all the other controversial changes too (adverts in the carousel, etc). I must be lucky (yet I never win the lottery)

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Can we make this thread a sticky please mods?

This older topic (with a vote) has more information:

I’d suggest merging this topic with that older one.


Thanks for that link to vote to make chat easier to find.

A lot of people were saying over there that people should be using the help/faq instead of chat. This is fine for ‘how do I do’ type questions but no good for specific account or transaction type questions which is when you end up in this situation like I did.

The other point that was made was that people would just rather ask on here than search the help/forum for how chat to monzo. This shouldn’t even be a discussion, if someone needs to speak to their bank it should be an option to them, not involving searching for the right term to use or asking questions on a public forum.

As for me I did search the app help for ‘chat’ and ‘help’ neither of which gave me the magic link. It would be very easy for Monzo to ensure someone typing chat to see the contact support option but they haven’t done it. Instead you need to know to type contact support.

I also quickly searched on here and could see others had asked the question but people were saying there’s a link to contact us on the app which I went back to look for and couldn’t see and gave up. I now know Monzo give different experiences to different people and some people get different options to others which is what caused the confusion. For me there is no way to speak to them unless I search the help section.

Monzo really need to address this somehow, there must be a better way.


There is a better way. Employ sufficient staff so that all customers who need to contact their bank can do so easily. It’s expensive, though.


I’ve said before - this isn’t entirely about reducing the cost of customer service. When you search through an article related to the issue you’re having and click on a chat link on that page then it automatically routes you to correct team so that you get help quicker than having to go through a triaging process.


Perhaps if every article contained a chat link that would be ok, but many (maybe most?) don’t.


Depending on the question - click the transaction & then at the bottom in red click “Something wrong? Get Help”

No, not entirely. And, just to be clear, I wasn’t criticising Monzo here.

There’s a balance to be struck between self help, self triage, and easy access to human support. Whilst I don’t really agree that Monzo have it quite right, and there may be some customers will stop using Monzo because of it, I don’t think that expecting customers to stumble around trying to find the right rubric when they just want to speak to someone is the right solution either. Not for a bank.


Customers should learn to be self sufficient, the pages most likely answer majority of questions or queries, people just refuse to use them, but as noted above, they also have a chat option at the bottom of those pages if they “struggle”.

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I agree, and we’re always trying to make it better. There’s a balance to be had, and we’re constantly discussing this internally to try and improve it.


As I said above - there’s a balance to be had here.

If the chat link is everywhere, then there’s no incentive for people to look for the right answer. We used to get a lot of queries that could be easily, and more quickly(!), answered through the help articles.

Equally, if the chat link is everywhere than the majority of chats would either a) go to the wrong place and have to be sent back to frontline for triage before escalating to the right team or b) they have to be triaged and escalated to the right team.

For example if you’re need some help with a loan, then searching for a loan article clicking the link there will direct you directly to the borrowing team. In addition we can see the help article that you used to access the chat, giving us some valuable context on the customer’s problem.

So there is definitely value in pushing people through to the right help articles. This is more effective than when we used to use Monzo Helper (the bot) because nearly everybody just clicked I’m having problem making a payment which routed people to frontline as an urgent task. Then you can’t differentiate between what’s actually urgent, and what is somebody asking what their account number is.


I don’t know about ’should’ Customers certainly ‘could’ be become more self sufficient, but I think the bank ‘should’ make it easier for those who either can’t or choose not to.


People are lazy and want what they perceive to be the fastest route. They often think that chat is quicker than searching.

Look at the threads started on here, someone will join and post a thread about the country they are visiting, rather than just searching.

But this is a problem for all companies and people expect, with a bank especially, to be able to talk to someone.

The issue I think with Monzo is that even after trying to help yourself, the chat option isn’t there.


This isn’t about being self sufficient. This is simply about customers knowing how to contact the bank when they need to discuss something.

There will be no help pages to assist when it comes to a specific question about a transaction as in my case where it had to be escalated to a specialist. The reason I was looking at the help pages was to try and find out how to chat to them about this, not to look about an answer to my query.

Having a chat link at the bottom of articles also won’t really help here as in my case I won’t be looking at articles to try and find an answer as I know I’d need to talk to someone.