Unable to order new card

Hey guys I can’t order a new card?? I tried back in December and it never arrived :persevere: I really need a new card it’s been months and it’s definitely not coming now :joy: please note I also don’t have the chat button or I would have asked there

Do you have access to the app? You should be able to order one there.

Edit: swipe down on the main page to reveal your card, press ACCOUNT button, scroll down to New card section.

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Sorry I should have been more clear, I’ve tried that it’s just says there is an issue I’ve tried 11 times over the past few weeks still the same and the chat button missing I’ve just waited. But I would really like a new card now :grin:

Okay, first off. Delete the app and reinstall.

If that doesn’t fix it, have you been able to do any money transfers in/out at all? It could be that your account has been frozen. You don’t seem to be using the account that frequently if you’ve been trying to get a new card for 6 months.

Also, when you say you don’t have a chat button, what do you mean by that? Bottom right is a question mark button. Or do you mean you don’t have a “speak with us”, in which case I think you need to search for “contact us” or something and there should be an option to speak directly.

Failing all of that, you could phone or email Monzo.

To add to the above. Bottom right corner is the help tab. Tap that and search for ‘order a replacement card’.

Then follow the steps. Big blue button starts the re-order process :slight_smile:

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I have a card but it’s broken this so my main account I use it all the time. My card is almost in two half’s :rofl:

All I can suggest is the app reinstall that @tbutz mentioned

  • Delete the app
  • Restart your phone
  • Reinstall the app

Give that a go next as it normally sorts strange issues like this.

I’ve tried this also :cry: never made a difference :tired_face:

If you go to the help tab, type “chat to someone” into search, then click “Contacting Support” a link to chat will be in there. They’ll be able to help you

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