Monzo chat (customer services)


I do not have the option to speak with customer services via the promised live chat function within my app.
My problem cannot be solved by any of the FAQs

Can someone please help? I need to chat to customer services.

This is very poor of monzo to hide the chat function if this is what they have done. As a new customer it’s obvious I may need help. I’m tempted to just close my account and give my money to Starling tbh

If you search “Contact Monzo” In the help section, it’l have a link for an article called “Contacting Support” this has 2 links to the live chat in it

Whilst I agree they shouldn’t of removed the prominent button, it should still be there, albeit buried.

If it’s to do with a specific transaction, tap the transaction and choose: ‘Something wrong?’ option.

If it’s not answerable in the help topics:

Or search: ‘Contact us’ in the help search.

Or the number on the back of your card.

Or maybe we can help?

What do you think writing this actually achieves? Are you actually trying to talk to someone or are you another one of the cross-forum trolls that want to bad-mouth Monzo?

Chat is not hidden, you’re just encouraged to look yourself.


I think this is a well made point. Disputing transactions for example are best done from within the transaction screen and not by live chat. The help articles are also useful. I’m just not sure people bother to use them or know that they are there.


Yes I am trying to talk to someone and I’m not a troll, just having a bad day so wind your neck in. You’re right that comment was uncalled for. I’m just getting frustrated as I need to talk to someone asap. I found the live chat after extensively searching for the information I needed but nobody is answering me.

It’s not really a live chat unfortunately, they’ll reply normally within a few hours, but it’ll almost never be immediate

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It should show you the estimated response time on the screen :slight_smile:

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If it’s that urgent you can’t attempt to ring then whilst waiting for chat to be answered

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Nope, not always. I didn’t have a time last week

Out of interest, was your wait time for a reply short or long when there was no estimated time? I am wondering if they disable that message if the current wait time is under x minutes?

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It was an hour and a half. 11pm Friday night I sent the message. Wasn’t urgent

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