Where is the in app chat?

With the phones not being answered we are advised to use the “in app chat” but where is that I cant seem to find it anywhere?

on my iOS tap a transaction , scroll down to " something wrong ? " - scroll down tap “chat with us”

or on “help” , bottom right of screen scroll down to bottom "chat with us "

or type “contact us” into the help box on the help section tap “contacting support”

or type any question in the help box , scroll down and tap "I cant find what Im looking for " and it will take you to chat

Brilliant, I have now found it thank you

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I’m on iOS, too.

This one doesn’t work for me.

This one doesn’t always work.

This isn’t what I see.

well I did find it, eventually but no one is answering that either so I have had to give up for now.
I am assuming that there is no one there but it could be that it just doesnt work, there seem to be others having trouble. On my Barclays app on IOs it works fabulously well all the time, and its easy to find.

Hi @Nigelbeasant, although it looks like a live chat, it’s not actually live and there will be a short wait for a response. It should have told you the current wait time when you first messaged.
It shouldn’t be too long until someone gets back to you. You can leave the app for now and you’ll be notified when someone responds.

There are now several topics like this opened every day. To me this just shows that Monzo have got it wrong, and they need to rethink this/improve the self-help part of the app/better signpost the help options.

Or was their plan to turn the community into unpaid Tier 1 support?

To be clear, I have nothing against all the OPs asking about where help is. They are absolutely right to ask as if I trust a company to handle my finances, I 100% expect to be able to get easy and fast help from them, be that an AI assistant, a self-help site, or access to support