Double charged for transactions

Just been charged a second time for some transactions I made yesterday. This has pushed me into an unauthorised overdraft. Very upset as this has left me without any money. I can’t seem to find a chat facility on the app. Not sure what to do.

Tap on the transaction and scroll down to the ‘something wrong? Get help’ option

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Thanks. Disputed one of the transactions. Got a message saying they’ll find someone to help.

Looks like I can’t eat today.

Hopefully they reply soon. Let us know what happens

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As above, I’m sure they’ll get back to you quickly - if they haven’t already.

Have you not got any food in your home whatsoever?

There are plenty of options should you need some help with this, just let us know :+1: However, I’m sure it will all be resolved soon, so I’d try not to worry too much about it :slight_smile:


Can you look at both instances of the transactions (the original one and the duplicate) and see if any are displayed as “pending” when you scroll all the way down on the transaction detail screen, and if so, you might even be able to reverse those yourself by tapping the “something’s wrong” and following the instructions (do it only on the earliest instance, as we assume the later instance is the “correct” one that will get settled).

It could be that the merchant has authorised the first transaction (which temporarily locks the money away, on a legacy bank it would reduce your “available balance” but Monzo displays them as if they were settled transactions for simplicity) but instead of just settling it they submitted a second one and will not be settling the original one (eventually it will expire after 10 days, on Monzo it’ll show as a refund even though technically the money has never been taken to begin with).

Keep in mind that you will only be charged overdraft fees on actual, settled transactions. You will not incur any fees even if pending transactions appear to have taken you into overdraft.


Thanks for this.

However, both sets of transactions not pending. It says funds have been collected. I am still waiting for a reply on chat.

I suggest you preemptively get in touch with the merchant. If this is not a misunderstanding on your part you may need to dispute the transaction which would require attempting to resolve it with the merchant anyway so might as well get it started now.


Have sent merchant an email.
Also awaiting reply from them. Obviously at the moment no idea if merchant or Monzo is to blame for the mistake. Not that I am too concerned who, just want a quick resolution.

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I very much doubt it’s a Monzo issue. By now most of the bugs should’ve been ironed out and if there was an issue I’d expect it to be more widespread and the forum drowning under “where’s my money?” posts.

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That may well be the case. I’ve never been with a bank that hasn’t caused me grievance in some way as of yet though so less filled with optimism.
No reply in 4 hours though from either party.
I’m sure everyone is very busy due to the virus.
I’m taking some sleeping tablets. Maybe there’ll be a reply later on from one or both.

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I want take out from cadg pount now


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Do you set up me balance after 12 at high time?

Dňa st 6. 5. 2020, 17:18 Off to the Winchester via Monzo Community napísal(a):

I have no idea what you are trying to say

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Could you use a translation service (like Google Translate), it’s a little hard to understand you :slightly_frowning_face:

The red kipper flies at midnight.

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Well this took an unexpected turn.

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Did you at least get the issue solved? To try to bring it back on topic

Not yet no. Both merchant and Monzo have passed it onto relevant departments but no dice today.