Where have they moved the chat button?

What’s the correct procedure for opening the chat option nowadays?

It used to be right there under help which makes sense but I can’t find it anywhere in the app now.

The only way I’ve found to open chat at the moment is to search the help pages for a link which seems to work ok but obviously don’t want to resort to that each time.

I think this is definitely an area where they can improve the app, customers shouldn’t have to hunt around looking for the contact option when they want to discuss something.

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It’s probably to stop people using it without doing some reading themselves first.

If you want to query a transaction I believe it’s under that if you click on it in your feed.

It all depends on why people are accessing help - there’re a lot of help articles that can guide people to the solution ahead of actually contacting the support help.

This has been a discussion on the forum quite a few times, but yea, it’s all deliberately to push to the self-help process … ie reporting fraud should start with the transaction & raise a query with that transaction etc.

It’s intentionally hidden. I can’t see them changing it given their current customer support strategy.

The reasons for wanting to contact them are not covered in the guides as it’s to do with my personal setup, direct debts etc. Or the section in the guide didn’t adequately answer the question so limited use.

I have tried to use the guides previously when it was more a general query regarding the app. Spent a while looking round the app and the guides but couldn’t find anything, used chat and got an answer right away.

I don’t think they should be hiding away the option to speak to them, it’s frustrating and just complicates the process. As I’ve noticed you can contact them via search how does this change my behaviour now other than having me jump through hoops to speak to them. Not a great end user experience to be honest.

When using HSBC (shudder) I get a popup if it’s during the day asking if I want to talk to someone, a real person as well not a bot. A much better experience for me and a thumbs up.


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