Slow support responses

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #208

It certainly seems to be becoming normal. :slightly_frowning_face:

(Mr D Green) #209

So posted a support ticket at 9.54am on Thursday and its still not been answered since Monzo decided to auto approve a transaction. Anyone else think that they need to worry about answering customer questions or support requests before any other stupid ideas make it onto the app??

Maybe the next round of Crowdfunding could hire some support staff!!


Hello, Mr Green! I’ve moved your post here because there’s been lots of chatter on the subject already. And you’ll be happy to hear that Monzo is hiring lots (and lots) of people…

(Mr D Green) #211

that doesnt resolve my issue thats now been waiting for a response for over 2 days! Its a diputed transaction report i mean surely that should be a priority?!


If you ticked the urgent box, you should have had a response within 10 minutes. But we’re not staff so there’s nothing we can do on here, I’m afraid.

(Andre Borie) #213

There is no urgent toggle on the new chat. I think it would be best if we just stopped mentioning the urgent thing nowadays as it only brings more confusion from users who are on the new chat (and all new users are).

(Mr D Green) #214

there was no urgent box and hasnt been since the last app update


Definitely an urgent toggle:

@Liamh, would you be able to investigate? Lots of reports of missing urgent toggles on here :cry:

(Mr D Green) #216


Are you on the latest app update? As I don’t have that option. Approaching 19 hours now. My card and account name is wrong.

(Andre Borie) #218

I am on the new chat and I definitely don’t have that.

(Mr D Green) #219

android version 2.25.1 no urgent option disappeared with last update


Sounds like there’s definitely a bug here. Nothing we can do on here to fix it immediately though (not being Monzo staff and all).

I’d suggest calling/emailing for anything super urgent. :frowning:

(Mr D Green) #221

ive called several times and im still waiting for the IVR promissed call back and also emailed the help@monzo mailbox… 52 hours and counting!

(Andre Borie) #222

I think if this was a bug Monzo would acknowledge it and fix it.


By the sounds of it from other posts this doesn’t help either, there’s no one on the phone and emails are just as slow.

No urgent options, so i guess that means waiting days is the new normal?

It sounds like their support is collapsing under the weight of the number of customers they have and they are simply unable to scale. But that doesn’t matter, days for a response isnt acceptable.

(Mr D Green) #224

id just like them to acknowledge my support ticket

(Andre Borie) #225

It sounds like their support is collapsing under the weight of the number of customers they have and they are simply unable to scale

So much for “growth” and ads on the tube. :joy:


I asked about this explicitly:

This is the response:

Sounded to me like the urgent toggle was meant to be there, meaning there’s an issue if it isn’t? :man_shrugging:

(Andre Borie) #227

I wonder if he’s talking about the Intercom chat.

The fact the toggle is missing for individual accounts (presumably the first thing they’d be developing for) on both iOS and Android (totally separate codebases) suggests its intentional.