Slow support responses

What’s happening with support? Last few times I’ve needed help the response times have been woeful. I’ve been waiting 4 hours today so far and the message at the top now says typically replies in a day.

This was flagged a month or so ago but things seem to be getting worse and not better.


I waited 6.5 hours the last time I contacted support.

Started here from @BethS

Then Monzos head of customer operations followed up on it earlier this morning:

and then this was another reply from Monzo.

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Nice to see it’s being addressed, just a shame it’s taken Monzo so long to realise that growing to a million accounts might mean they need more staff.

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I’ve just updated my comment above with another quote from Beth which is what started it all. This mentions staffing :slight_smile:

Then in regards to not realising that they need more staff for 1 million customers…

So I think they did expect this but unfortunately they’re not fully trained yet. They appear to have learned from this though which is positive :slight_smile:

I had a 22hr one between yesterday and today, although I must say the support was great when it arrived - so worth the wait! :+1:


I really like Monzo but they are letting themselves down in the past few months IMO.
Support times are just unacceptable. As a challenger bank, they need to good at this especially when being online only a lot of people joining need reassurance that they can get hold of someone when things don’t make sense.

I also had to wait for a stupid amount of hours a few days ago.


We don’t disagree on that front! We want even no urgent queries to be answered within 30-60 minutes.

We had 8 new people go into training on Monday, so they’ll be on intercom from next Monday, but we have an influx of staff that need to get up to speed now. They are catching up fast though.

You can still mark your query as urgent and these get responses within 10 minutes for the most part, and there’s the telephone also :telephone_receiver:


@BethS There’s telephone support? I didn’t know that!

Number on the back of your card! It does say it’s for emergencies, but if it’s urgent, it definitely counts.

Most support will need to end in the chat as there’s better tools available :+1:

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That’s unfortunately quite accurate at the moment.

I wouldn’t have minded so much waiting 22 hours it the COp at least read my question properly and gave me an answer rather than talking about something completely different: switching between Personal and Joint Accounts in the app instead of using CASS to switch a Joint Account!

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I’m curious - why those 3 staff members? There are more than 3 working… right? Right?

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Exactly that’s what I was thinking

That’s normal, just shows three random staff members.

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Yeah it’s standard for a chat system to show this.

They’re rolling out their own bespoke system as we speak so it will be interesting to see what that’s like

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Still no response to my query this morning. Seriously not happy.

I don’t understand how it’s been allowed to get this bad? It’s not urgent but I still expect a response within the working day.

Still no response.

Have you tried contacting them again instead of just waiting? Monzo are changing the COps chat system and there could have been issues with your message. Have you also tried to contact the email address or push comes to shove, ring them with the number on the back of the card? I know you shouldn’t have to, but it’s worth a go if its urgent.

I’m sure @simonb or @BethS will look into this when they come online.

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I’m still waiting for a response to an email I sent to from a few months ago…

And yeah I messaged again asking for an update before I went to bed.


21st June is when I sent two emails to Monzo. Never got a reply.