Response Times?

Does anyone have information or know where you can find information about Monzo response times?

Recently i’ve had an issue regarding a current account switch and contacted Monzo via the app but after initially getting a response in a few hours took 4 days to get the follow up message. I messaged them several times over a 4 day period for an update but didn’t get a response at all (around 10 messages ignored).

I replied to their most recent message and it’s now been over a day and i’ve not had a reply again.

I’ve also tried contacting them via email (regarding the same problem) but both times didn’t get a response within 24 hours.

My problem wasn’t urgent so it’s fine, but it’s made me slightly concerned that if I had a serious issue i’d be waiting around for days with no communication? I’d expect general support emails to be replied too well within a day but I could be wrong?

I really like Monzo and this is my first time using their support but really expected much more from what i’ve heard! What do others think?


Support time as always been an issue more or less,

I’d like to think that for urgent enquiries it gets escalated quicker, I suspect less urgent escalations like this keep getting pushed back in the queue.

Bit cheeky that there was no replies over the 4 days, my experience is that someone does reply saying no update yet if queried though.

Account switching could be complicated as they may need to speak to the other bank, but I don’t have much of a clue about that.

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Search this forum it’s about your best bet I think.

Bear in mind though that the forum users, and those who have had a bad experience, are just one view and a very small minority at that.

Monzo have a phone number as well which would always be my first port of call if it was urgent.

I’m now much more concerned how long it takes for a reply than my original issue. It’s now been nearly 2 days for the in app chat, and it’s been over 24 hours via email again. It’s not good that it takes this long for a reply mid conversation

Is this just me that finds this concerning? My old bank would of had this issue sorted a while ago!

You aren’t alone. This is an area that Monzo seem to be struggling with at the moment.

I wonder: As a way to highlight this, maybe we should make it a topic in the Feedback & Ideas section so people can vote for it (as in, vote it to the top so Monzo can see everyone here thinks it is a priority).

I don’t have any fix in mind, but if it’s still not improving, and without knowing what Monzo are doing, it’s perhaps a small way to state our collective case?

This is the only thing about Monzo that I really dislike. Fortunately I’ve only had one issue (duplicate payment bug) that needed urgent attention but like you experienced long delays. In the end I formally complained and the response I got I was pleased with.

Hope you get your problem sorted ASAP. Personally all my problems have been dealt with in a timely manner, but maybe I’m the lucky few? Every company/bank has CS problems, not sure chucking more staff would solve it, they tend to pass the buck to someone else quite frequently!

From my limited knowledge, I think it’s not so much more staff that is needed as a better system that highlights any open chats that haven’t been responded to in sometime.


And a system that allows customers to close chats so they can mark a new chat as urgent.


I thought they purposefully removed this?

They used to report (at least once) on the response times for urgent chats (10 minutes) but then they removed the whole concept of urgency, and seemingly stoped reporting that stat since then. So now as far as I’m aware, there’s zero information on customer support response times at all. Unfortunately.

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You can still get in the urgent queue. It depends on what options you pick when answering the bots questions at the beginning. (arguably flawed)

They still respond to urgent queries really quick too (seen it quoted recently), it’s just “normal” support that appears to be slow for some.

Ah thanks. I must have missed this.

it’s actually becoming a joke now. I’m seriously considering moving banks as I can’t fathom how bad their communication is.

I would definitely warn anyone away from this currently.

Ive now been waiting 2 days again for a reply in the app after it took 4 days to get my first response, and I’ve been waiting well over 30 hours now since I’ve emailed. In both previous replies they apologised for how long they took but are taking even longer now.

I’ll upload some screenshots later so other people can see what’s going on.

Very poor is all I can say.

Sounds poor.

Have you tried phoning them?

I think one of the underlying issues that come through in the forum is the lack of consistency as well. I’ve never had any issues at all, but other people, like you, have had long delays.

I feel like this is a problem in Fintech in general at the moment. Please don’t get me wrong I’m not defending the utterly poor customer service experience you’ve had but to put my point in context:

  1. In recently closed my N26 account which two weeks because they simply don’t respond
  2. I have formal complaint open with Starling because they don’t respond to messages for days at a time and when they do it’s normally a holding pattern email.
  3. Don’t get me started on Revolut

I’m an avid collector of Fintech and one thing they all have in common in shockingly bad customer service response times (Not to be confused with bad customer service, which is a different issue). It’s why my primary bank for important things (big payments, direct debits, standing orders etc ) is a “legacy” bank

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That’s why they’re not legacy banks, it’s a term made up by neo fintech banks in an attempt to make them look worse as far as I can see. Most of them have 95% of the same fintech as the new fintech banks.

It’s definitely true that customer service seems to have been for the most part overlooked by most of the new banks in some form or another forgetting that it’s the customer service that makes a bank.


Completely agree, especially when you look at the likes of Barclays.


This is one of my concerns with Monzo. I can pick the phone up to First Direct and speak to someone within minutes…this is not the case with Monzo. I admit you probably don’t have to talk to them very often as the app takes care of most things…but when you do need to talk to your bank, it tends to be urgent.

Urgent queries are not affected by the current slow response times :slight_smile:

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