Slow support responses


I’m on the new chat - button present as per the above screenshot. :thinking:


Pretty sure I read somewhere they were doing A/B testing with the toggle so it probably is intentional. Probably not a good time to be doing that though :neutral_face:


Its present for me as well.

Makes it sound like there doing some A/B testing.

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Nevermind. I’m not sure what’s going on then… but I still think until the situation is resolved it’s best not to recommend the urgent option as it leads to even more confusion should the bug (?) cause the button not to be visible.


So what do you do if you have an urgent request? come here and complain loud enough? That seems to be the only way at the moment.


I’d certainly hope there’s no testing going on at the moment. But if you read the quoted text from @liamh it certainly sounds like an explicit “no” to A/B testing.

In any event, this isn’t helping with the slow response times and needs to be fixed!

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Next time this kind of “A/B” testing is done it might be worth being transparent on the forum, especially for volunteers who take time to help fellow customers. The last thing they need is this kind of “surprises”.

Also I’m not sure what kind of data would you get by A/B testing this. Either way the user is going to open a support ticket. An urgent toggle at least allows them to be nice and let you know just how urgent their request is. Without a toggle you’d need to consider all requests as urgent… I don’t know about you but this doesn’t sound like an improvement to me.


Yeap, seems to be what’s happening. They’ve been “aggressively” hiring for months and it just seems to be getting worse from what we see on the forum


Yeah, its both confusing and disappointing. I already think there banking features are just “OK”, some cool little things but nothing really polished and excellent. Support last year was good and that’s what put a positive light on Monzo for me.

Right now… there just isnt any support. As far as i can tell it just doesn’t exist. What are they doing with these multi day tickets which haven’t even been initially answered? Wheres the SLAs? Do they even have any?

By the sounds of it an initial time to response simple doesn’t exist, and if there planning on removing the urgent toggle, then they need to respond to queries within 15 minutes imo. All of them.


I’ve scrolled up and you’re right. I had probably read somebody else guessing that they were A/B testing. Didn’t think it would make sense right now :sunglasses:


Completely agree. I personally think the hiring conditions are probably too stringent (not my place to judge of course) as lots of people from the forums who you’d imagine would be good as COPS were rejected. Even though Monzo are in a massive COPs deficit


I am also on this version, and do have the option. Sounds like a bug looking at the below. Have you tried deleting and reinstalling to see if it changes the behaviour?


To be honest, you could hire an existing company just to do triage. from the issues ive read there not huge issues, but there not even being triaged, and that doesn’t require any special knowledge or access to many systems. just ticket pushing.

On the plus side, if Monzo simply cant cope, its really simple these days to switch bank.


Definitely and I’ve certainly considered it since chat’s gone so down hill and not much seems to have been done about it

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I’m on the latest Android version and have the urgent option like @Peter_G mentioned :man_shrugging:


Seems to be anyone that has an open chat doesn’t have the urgent option from what I can see. With no option to close your open chat yourself you can’t start a new urgent.

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Could be… I don’t have any open chats currently.

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In a desperate situation like this I would consider hiring people from the community as independent contractors just to do the “front line” of support and deal with basic queries. Sure, they might not be as trained as the real Monzo COps but less than stellar support that resolves 80% of queries is still better than no support at all.

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That’s what @Lowry said. If you have open chats then you won’t see the urgent option. :thinking:

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I think this has been confirmed, having an open chat removes the Urgent toggle.