Urgent Chat toggle disappeared

So I am on new Monzo Chat and don’t seem to have Urgent Chat option anymore.

Is this intentional or is it a bug? I am on Andriod 9, OnePlus 6 with latest Beta App.
Wait times are still way too long (I had an issue solved in 12 days and another one I raised 2 days ago still waiting for any kind of response) and if the urgent option is not there then I just don’t feel comfortable.

I still see it.

Are you clicking on the “Chat with a real human button”?

Intentional I believe since I don’t have it on iOS either. To be honest the “urgent” thing is a hack for when their CS was overloaded, I expect them to eventually have enough COps to treat all queries as urgent and resolve them timely.


Yes :slight_smile:

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I expect the same but currently just seems it will take a long time to get there.


It’s disappeared from my app too (iOS).

That doesn’t really help with anyone who has immediate, urgent support needs, unfortunately.

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It’s still there for me on latest TF. I think they were doing some A/B tests previously regarding showing the option, just to see how it effected things.
Maybe this is still going on?

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I’m on latest TF, too, so looks like A/B testing.

Strange still on mine on iOS TestFlight. image

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I’ll be glad to see it gone. Nice idea but you can’t counter self important idiots marking everything as important.
I’d like to see some AI judging urgency of request.



Getting rid of the urgent toggle is all well and good if there is a way to get “urgent” help for anything that requires it.

From what I’ve seen, it doesn’t look like there is (phone/email/chat all seem to be very slow still).

To be honest, I’d imagine most people would feel their issues are urgent (if it’s an actual banking issue).

This CS influx of staff can’t come soon enough!


Have to agree not good removing the urgent chat button if needed.


This needs to come back. Since they are not answering the phones and I’m caught in a jam I can’t be waiting 2 days

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ISTR Monzo staff speaking in the past of wanting to use machine learning to help triage support calls. I’m just guessing, but maybe part of this A/B testing is not just removing the ‘Urgent’ button, but sending the support tickets from the button-less submisisons to a different bucket (as it where) where they are using some form of AI to see if that will successful float the urgent queries to the top?

But I’m only guessing. Hopefully someone from Monzo will come along later to explain what is happening, as has occured in other threads like this.

Certainly I hope there’s something more going on here than just the ‘urgent’ button being removed.


I had this issue and it’s actually a bug! If you’re on the new Monzo Chat and the person on the other end doesn’t close the conversation, the urgent toggle will disappear! :fire:

The COp tried to close the conversation a few times and nothing happened however after leaving it a day after closing the conversation, the button seemed to reappear! It was pretty strange and the two COps who worked on the case were also as confused!

Hopefully it gets fixed soon! :+1:


Any help would be appreciated

Open a message and press urgent, it’s the first thing you see.


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You may have the same issue as described here


Weirdly, my new conversation page does not show the slide button to mark my message as urgent :neutral_face: