Slow support responses


Seems someone switched off the wrong button :sweat_smile:

(Simon B) #189

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(Nick) #190

Customer support is getting worse. Sent a message at 0921 this morning - still no response or acknowledgement. Not good!


Hi @nick69g - I’ve moved your post here as there’s been done discussion and insight in this thread. I hope that’s okay!


Last time I used customer support it took a good day for them to reply :thinking: and then another day for them to actually do anything. Shocking times really considering you can pick up the phone and speak to any legacy bank and be on the line within 5 minutes tops.

(Nathan) #193

I think id be happy to see the actual new feature development slow slightly if it meant chat got more attention?

It really was the best back when id just joined Monzo and now not so much.

Chat/support is vital to having confidence to use a online/app only bank and could put alot of customers off if they feel its a step back from legacy.

(Nick) #194

Yes slow is an understatement.


This isn’t how things work. Developers aren’t going to become customer support because of wait times.

That’s called poor planning for rapid expansion, if you don’t have enough support staff it becomes worse response wise.

I feel like a lot of people would see it as a step backwards. Not being able to actually call and speak to someone is a big turn off for many people.

(Nathan) #196

There is ways developers could help the situations.

Been mentioned before about adding more friction which suggests more do it your own solutions like freeze cards etc.

Chat is a half baked product atm, developers could implement the queuing system better.

Analyse the stats and fix the most common problems would be another one similarly to like mentioned was done with the chargeback function.

Been mentioned before a way could be add in some bots to the frame, not necesarrily making bots answer queries but they could pre screen the messages from the users and suggest some premade answers for cops to use that could be helpful.

(Jolin) #197

I’m pretty sure this already happens. Can’t remember where it was discussed, but in one of the threads on this forum (maybe a Q&A?).

Also, when you first compose your chat message, a list of suggested articles are suggested. So some of what you write about is definitely already happening. I think they just didn’t hire enough COps quickly enough.

(Hugh Wells) #198

This is called Nigel Bot :slight_smile: From experience, it’s usefulness wears off as you begin to just know what things should be tagged as and which saved response is most appropriate! Apparently, it’s not implemented in Monzo Chat yet…I hadn’t noticed :see_no_evil:

£10 when you open an account!

I’m gonna assume that’s why it’s called Nigel Bot.

Edit: After Googling: it’s not. :pensive:

(Nick) #200

Over 30 hours and I’ve still NOT received a response.


Named after an engineer :blush: We do actually have a custom emoji on slack of Nigels face (as in Thornberry), it is :smashing:

@nick69g, can you DM me your email? I’m around until midnight.


I’ve been waiting a couple of hours for a response, nowhere near 30 hours. RIP matey.

However the name on my card and account is wrong, I was looking to switch over my accounts to Monzo, but don’t want to do it until my card and account are right.

(Edward Mackrill) #203

Am using the monzo app but have received no response to any of my messages (sent as early as yesterday morning). Is this normal?!

Also I cannot see anywhere where I can ‘toggle’ to mark the message as urgent ?

(Steve) #204

Chat is super swamped at the moment and unfortunately we’re just the forum and have no way of helping you directly.

I would advise to either try calling them, the number is on the back of your card if it’s really urgent or email and again stress its importance.

If not important, sit tight, someone will be back with you or if it’s an operational, how to question, ask us and we may be able to help.

(Edward Mackrill) #205

It’s not urgent but waiting more than 24 hours for a response isn’t the best customer experience. Also they need some sort of automated message telling customers this. Currently we just send messages into the abyss not knowing whether or not they have been read by anyone or when to expect a response.

(Jack) #206

Hey Edward, I’ve moved your post here to join others of the same topic. Although support times are slow at current Monzo are hiring support staff as fast as they can.
They hope to have 100 more cops by end of the year.

The in app chat is having features added such as estimated wait time. This should greatly improve the experience.

(Steve) #207

It does currently on the beta app so I imagine you guys will get this feature shortly. Iirc there’s also a queue length too.

I agree waiting 24 hours+ isn’t good enough as do Monzo and they are currently hiring and training 20+ new customer support staff every week as well as just finishing building and refining their own chat app and other tools to try and speed everything up.

Whilst it’s a horrendous oversight on their behalf, they have acknowledged their mistake and are working hard to rectify, for now it’s best to be patient (temporary lowering of expectations!) and wait it out, they’ll be back with you when they can.