Response time πŸ˜“

The response time has got some much worse lately what is going on? image image

You can see the date I sent the first message was the 10th 7days is not good at all. And then telling me it was three days nope. Read the message that was a sassy message because I had zero help from them.

I know the response times were pretty slow recently, but thought that the support team had caught up with everything a few days ago.

From the looks of your screenshot, Morgan @ Monzo was waiting on a response from you about when you last contacted the merchant? That’s how I read it, anyway.

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3 days isn’t great I feel 24 hours is the minimum acceptable time (During Monday - Friday) for non urgent matters

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It was 7 days later :exploding_head:

So just to get the timeline down.

First message from you 07:02pm 10th

Follow up Message from you at 8:18pm on 13th (3days)

Then are you saying Morgan first message was today at 1am?

In which case that does appear to be 6/7 days which is pretty unacceptable even for a non urgent issue

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Yep that’s right crazy timing yeah okay I was sassy with my message β€œgood chat guys” but come on it’s just to longggg

Have you replied saying it was a week not 3 days?


Yep :+1:t2:

In response to your second question.

Yes it can be done. Freeze your card - request replacement - unfreeze and you can continue to use your old card till your new one arrives


Well thanks for that I’ll do it now :christmas_tree:

Our longer response times definitely aren’t days at the moment, but hours, so I’m not exactly sure what happened here, but I apologise for the delay. If you’d like to DM me with your registered Monzo email address, I can do a deeper investigation if you’d like - just let me know.


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