Long support waiting times

Hey team,

Just switched to #fullmonzo in a joint account with my other half. Obviously, this week her first experience of Monzo.

Just wondering what is causing the long support times? Can’t see a topic or explainer anywhere.

I only ask as it isn’t the best first impression for her. I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation, but thought I’d pose the question here.


Agreed, with Monzo not having any physical branches they have to be all over the customer support or at least have properly explained reasons for the longer waits.


How long are you talking?

Have to be honest this has also become a concern for me too.

I’ve gone full Monzo this week and this isn’t the best impression when I log into the app to see a notice about “long support waiting times”.


No idea… it doesn’t give that much information… just a vague ‘we are working to solve it’

If I remember rightly, I’m sure it was posted recently there has been a recent intake of new COps who are going through training at the moment.

Also can see on Monzo Careers page they are actively recruiting additional people for each of the shifts/days.

May well just be part of the scale of grow with new users, personally I definitely don’t see this being a long term issue with the current rate monzo are on boarding new people!


Let me phrase it another way:

How long have you already waited?

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I don’t have a long wait time message, is this an android banner?



It pops up when you press Chat with a real human.

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Yes its permanently on the Android app at the minute. And I havent waited, I havent had any issues. Its more about the worry about how long I would have to wait and how offputting it could be to new customers if that is their first experience.

At least in the iOS message, it says that they’re just super busy. Seems clear to me.



Was thinking about starting a topic about this myself as it’s been several days of the banner bring off and on and was wondering the cause.


It also worries me when I am getting a quicker response from the bank I’ve just chosen to switch away from :zipper_mouth_face:


Perhaps the app could be improved to show the current waiting times? That would help customers pick their moment to contact support, and maybe put them off minor issues (eg changing logos for merchants) when they can see that monzo are busy.

I had to use the support on the day this banner first turned up and I have to say I got an initial response within 3 hours and plenty of quick replies after that, was all sorted within 20 minutes of their initial response.

It might not be the usual within 2 hours but the support has still been excellent and one of the reasons I love Monzo so much.


About 6 hours wait for me yesterday.


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Hey all,

Yep, there’s a been a few issues out of our control over the last week (like the duplicate presentment issue) that have led to a huge surge in queries. We are working our way through them with all hands on deck, and waiting times are already less than they were a few days ago but they still aren’t where we’d like them to be.

As @Dannytc mentioned we have been hiring quite a bit recently and in fact I’m in Cardiff at the moment assisting with the training for a group of 9 or 10 new starters who are at the end of their 2 weeks of training now! There was another group of 10 just before them, and there’s yet another group starting their training on Monday, so that’s already around 30 new hires over the last 4-6 weeks which you should all see the impact of very soon.

I massively appreciate this can be disconcerting for new customers, but this is a temporary spike and not the norm.

We can only effectively hire based on the projected number of queries with some headroom to avoid over-hiring, so when a spike like this happens, it’s not easy to plan for. That said we’re of course analysing what has happened to effectively mitigate in the future as much as possible!

TL;DR - Bear with us for a while and things will be better soon.


Did you send this via the Freepost or the Direct address?

The banner on Android is cool for major issues that affect moving money or payments etc but it’s kind of annoying for this.