Slow support responses again?

How long do responses to support tickets take on average these days? Why do Monzo (as a transparent and accountable company) not publish their average response times?

I’m a bit infuriated and concerned as I had £360 stolen out of my account before I could block my card and despite reporting it to support I’ve not heard anything back for over 6 hours now.


Hey @tommy5dollar :wave:

We’re definitely not that behind today, can you DM me your email and I’ll check if it’s come through for you.


Thanks, sent.

I really think they should do that. I can ALWAYS speak to someone at my legacy bank quicker that I can with Monzo.


Seems to be a recurring theme, the slow support times with rapid growth. I get that it’s difficult to scale and juggling staff numbers with costs etc, but when Monzo are competing with legacy banks, support times have to be similar if not better. If I can call and get through to my bank within 5 minutes 24/7, Monzo support needs to be equal to that.


For the majority of support that I’ve needed the chat has been good and very convenient - I don’t necessarily need a response straight away and provided me with an opportunity to ask my bank something I would have been put off with in the past with my old bank; a few hours to wait is fine. To be honest, there are two things that I’ve never had a full response on despite somebody “going away to look into this”. I’ve given up hope on these things.

I’ve never had to mark anything as urgent, but if I did I would expect somebody available immediately. I think it would be great to have support times publicly available. If they’re good enough they should be something to shout about - and if they’re not, then it’s something to accept and address.

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