Support Response Time?


I’m enquiring about the extremely slow times for me to get a response its starting to get to a point where im not happy.

Im paying for monzo plus (does not make a huge difference just thought i’d support the cause) even though all i get is a blue card.

But i was supposed to have my query raised to the disputes department (i believe was thursday / friday last week) monday i finally got a response even though the previous agent said you’ll need to wait till a disputes department member contacts you i then get another agent saying oh youll have to wait furthur till someone can get back to you so she said she has raised it again with the disputes department?

i’ve always had a response within 4-6 hours.

Its surpassing 72 and now another 10+ hours.

Im really getting fustrated any help would be greatfull.

Warm Regards

It’s a common complaint at the moment and it has been like this for a very long time.

It sometimes gets better, sometimes worse.

Response times for me have always been very quick. It may depend on your query though ?

Issue at hand is that i need to raise a dispute, on thursday the agent said it would be transferred over to the right department, monday comes 72+ hours for a response. The agent tells me oh let me read the above, and then says shes transferring it to the disputes department again???

Im getting really annoyed now.

Starling / N26 can’t compare to monzo right now in terms of support response time if any issues arise until they dont fix this im having to make my transactions via the alternatives as this is too risky i’ve had 2 issues with non-deliveries and monzo still haven’t responded.

This is the only thing now stopping me from going full Monzo - if something were to go sideways I would like peace of mind knowing that I could reach out to someone and get my issue resolved in a timely manner, at the moment that doesn’t seem like it is the case, which is a shame.


I don’t think it is coincidence that there are numerous discrete threads concerning this issue, if you search the boards. A lot of posts but little response from the powers that be, or moderators.

Hope you get sorted.





All moderators on holiday or something similar to your support staff?

@bea & @Clee

Hopefully one of you decide to read this as this is not on clearly loads of people suffering.

Given that it’s 3 in the morning, it’s very unlikely that you’ll get a response from someone on the forum team at this hour.


Didn’t this long reply given last week answer your questions?

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Hi there @Shivam_patel28

Randomly tagging a bunch of people at 3am isn’t going to do much, especially considering none of the people you tagged work in customer operations and one of the people you tagged doesn’t even work here any more at all!

The forum is a place for guidance, advice, solving basic issues, and for friendly chat between our customers and some of our staff.

We cannot offer much support her for account specific enquiries, and if you already have an open conversation with our in-app chat, particularly if it’s already been escalated to the appropriate team, then I’m afraid we can’t speed that up for you either.

Regarding response times in general, please see the above post that @Rat_au_van linked to - thanks!