Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)

You can yes, just likely to trigger an account closure. But to be fair none of us can say with any certainty what the outcome would be.


HSBC from last weekend no longer allow transactions with Coinbase. I can get funds out of Coinbase to HSBC via Paypal, really looking for a way to get funds in now HSBC have stopped the transactions, Monzo seemed likely?

Banks are clever enough to connect the dots so circumventing systems will always be a risk.

Monzo are not keen on bitcoin transactions either, it unfortunately seems to be the way the banking industry is going now. If you’re only doing the odd transaction in theory you should be fine, but if you’re a heavy trader then I’d probably look elsewhere.

Thanks , yes I guess its sounds odd, but I have just started to look into bitcoin and the very weekend I linked my hsbc ac to coinbase, that worked and I purchased some bitcoin(small amount), I later read they were stopping all such transaction (not just me) :slight_smile: :blush:

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Thanks, just looking for a reliable way to fund coinbase really

Is there a feature that Monzo will distribute my paychecks amongst my pots so that they can fulfill their goal by set date?

Example, I get paid weekly, every friday.
I need $100 every 1st of the month. So monzo will distribute $25 every friday so that I have $100 by the first.

When you get paid, you can tap into the payment and do a ‘salary sort’ this will then distribute your money into various pots of your choosing in the amounts you set.

If you put your $100 into a pot you can schedule the $25 withdrawal from the pot to your main balance weekly.

You could also put the initial $100 in the pot via the ‘salary sort’ feature I mentioned above or you can schedule a monthly deposit into the pot automatically - similar to the withdrawal.

but it has to be done manually right?

The salary sort option - yes. The rest can be automated.