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hi! can I move my money to monzo card through my account?

Hi my name is Manik Datta and I’m a fintech enthusiast. Wanted to know about how you track the real time location of spends if the user doesn’t have his/her phone on them or if their phone location is switched off.

Looking forward to your reply.


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Hi basically I created a Monzo account and for some reason the account has been disabled and I need it I’m in need off a bank account is there anything what can be done please?

Hi my name is Ana Tudorache and I need help my account was close because my balance is 0,00 i start working and I have to receive my payment in this account please how to do to open the same account? Please I need help urgently

If you closed your account, email help@monzo.com

If Monzo closed your account, you’ll need to open an account elsewhere.