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(Francisco Portela) #1

When you open your Monzo app and see your purchase history, you can see the exact location of your of the store where you bought. That is so cool, It helps me to remember what I bought. But how does Monzo do that? Does the transaction have have the address?

I thought Monzo had a list of the stores; however, last month I went to South Africa and Monzo could find all the stores on the map (even some gas stations in the middle of nowhere).

How do you do it?




Down in the basement their elves have collected a huge pile of yellow pages from each time they went on holiday and some dusty tourist maps. Now you know where they get their info from :wink:


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Merchant data is sent to your Bank whenever you use your card. Monzo are just open to give us access to that data and also present on a map etc… Other banks get this too but I guess, just don’t think we need this info

(Andy Little) #6

For a merchant to accept card payments they have to register an address. Your bank receives the registered address each time you spend money somewhere. Monzo simply passes that information on to you.

I’ve had transactions show up hundreds of miles away from where I was because the merchant has registered an address other than the location of the actual shop.


Even through we don’t normally see it when we get a bank transfer (FPS and SEPA) there is a lot of data sent between banks when a transfer is made. Looking at the system in one of my banks I can see the payers address data even though that not showing thru to the customer app.


You can see the raw Faster Payment messages via the Monzo API as well. :+1:


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I don’t. He died for me last year :wink:

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Can confirm :+1: What do you think we do for the first week of training? :imp:

(Simon B) #12

We get some data from Mastercard which we cross reference using some magic with various other location service API’s and that builds our database which is also improved by customers and ourselves :sunglasses:


I always report those to COPS - they do fix them. Happens a lot with ATMs

(Hugh Wells) #14


If you’re on iPhone you can report this in app (there should be a “report a problem” on each transaction). For Android you’ll need to give us a bell but we will be happy to pass on the feedback :+1:


Oh yeah - we used to have that button too, but apparently it’s on hiatus :wink: