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OK, yet another question from me. I might have one or two more, but I hope I’m not annoying anyone here with my enquiries. :smile:

I have a friend who is going abroad (I’ve looked up the country she’s going to, Monzo is accepted more or less everywhere) for a wedding later this year. I told her I’ve got my Monzo card and told her a bit about it.

This lady is really sweet, and great at looking after folk, but she’s a bit thick (her words, not mine). She once said that wind turbines were to make air fresher, bless her! Having said that, she is brilliant at looking after her finances so perhaps I’m being a bit unkind. She’s not irresponsible but she struggles with anything complex.

Anyway, my real enquiry is as follows:

Will Monzo be easy and seamless to use for someone like her compared to the old-fashioned way of rocking up at the foreign currency desk? It looks fairly straightforward to me but would it be easy in a foreign country to navigate and use? I take it you don’t really need online banking to use Monzo - I think she has that already - but it should be easy for even simple people to use as long as they follow a few golden rules? i.e. Always pay in local currency almost like your life depends on it, remember your PIN, and so on and so forth? Is there anything I’ve forgotten, or is it easy as pie?

Thanks once again for your help!


Does she manage to get by in the UK with a bank card? The process is exactly the same.

ATMs will ask if you want English and most POS terminals with switch language once the card is inserted too.

Just remember to choose the local currency whenever there’s an option on the screen.

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I’ll see her today, so I can ask her. She should be able to manage. I think best thing will be if I go on my holidays and tell her how I get on.

I told a family member about Monzo and they were rather sceptical. They think I might end up not being able to use the card on holiday. I was thinking that I’d rather take Monzo with me than have all my holiday money on me, liable to be pinched.

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It might be helpful to tell them that it’s just like taking a travel money card on holiday, just with extra functionality (like the ability to freeze a lost card from the app).

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She told me that she had a similar type of thing (though she didn’t specify which one), but she came unstuck not being able to use it so she uses the Post Office instead.

Different strokes, I guess.

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