Macbook Apple Pay Verification

Hi just setting up my Apple Pay on MacBook with Touch ID and the only way I can verify the Monzo card is by calling a number but when I call this number it’s unavailable, surely there should be an option to get texted a code or even verification in the Monzo app.

I just tried to do the same and ended up here. I guess you need to speak to Monzo via chat.
That said I don’t think I’m going to bother, I’ve had this MacBook for years now with my old bank’s card registered and I haven’t once been asked to pay via Apple Pay :man_shrugging:t5:

yeah that’s the same number I am getting and could do with sorting it as buying on etsy with different currencies it would be really handy

I have this in my transaction feed. Do you have the same?

Yes thanks thats worked now

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Thank you for raising this. We’ve updated the help article to clarify that you need to continue verification in the app for cards added to the macOS Wallet.

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Along with updating the help article, can I suggest you also update the automated text that’s sent if you don’t complete adding your card?

I tried calling the number and was told via an automated message that I should only speak to someone if it was urgent, adding Apple Pay clearly isn’t urgent, so I parked my plans and moved onto something else.

A day or so later I received a text from Monzo saying “You started adding your Monzo card to Apple Pay, but didn’t finish. Grab your Monzo card, open the Wallet app and follow the instructions to get it done.” but as it was a MacBook I was adding the card to, the instructions still said to call a number; I only realised what I needed to do when I saw the message in my Monzo app asking me to finish setting up Apple Pay.