Refresh has had a refresh, looks good in my opinion! What does the rest of the community think?


Totally agree.
It looks like they’ve redesigned it for the current account.

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One thing I noticed after having a quick read is that the point about cash withdrawals doesn’t seem to make clear that it only applies outside the uk image
Interesting to see the site doesn’t push pots or the home screen with the simplified merchant names as they are also important features. Always good for a chance though every few months. I think it looks great :+1:t3:


I agree - the cash withdrawals thing could turn prospective customers away since they could think that it also applies to UK ATMs. I love how Monzo highlights potential fees - most banks would just direct people to a tariff leaflet.


I’m not sure which page you saw that on (I can’t find it) but the other info alongside it makes it look like it’s in a dedicated section for using Monzo abroad?

On a mobile device it isn’t that for

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Looks like it yes

It is alongside the other info on the home screen. But I still don’t think it’s that clear if you’re just scrolling through and miss the main header. The section isn’t split clearly from the others.

I agree with all of that. I’m very surprised Pots and the great transaction list aren’t highlighted on the homepage. Hopefully they’ll update it to highlight those features, tags, search, and perhaps the Coin Jar (once they’ve solved the problem with Coin Jar transactions being in the transaction feed).

I’m likewise surprised they don’t highlight Android Pay support on the homepage. Perhaps they’re waiting until they support Apple Pay for that.

Finally, there’s an issue with the Summary screenshot: It’s using the old category colours :eyes::smile:


They’ve got the old 4 **** pin on the freeze screen example instead of the padlock


I thought it was clear as it’s under the travel bit then followed by read more about travelling with Monzo


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I guess. Maybe I’m just reading it oddly

Maybe lol

web version


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I didn’t think it was that obvious I missed it too

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It did look more self a explanatory anyhow…bring it back I say!

Thought you wanted 8 digit pins? I’d need a bigger phone to get all those *s on the screen

If you can’t figure out a padlock with the word pin under it then I don’t know what to suggest :grin:

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A padlock to me suggests password or maybe fingerprint biometrics, but **** clearly shows a PIN :crazy_face:

PS: I like cats :heart_eyes_cat:


If I could have up to 8 digits my pin would be



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Agreed. I missed it too, on the mobile version. Once you scroll past the using abroad header you don’t know what the section is.

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Looks like the desktop site has now been updated