What does this mean under the amount of my account number? what shows is a message saying I have 8 days left

What is this mean under the amount of my acound number what i have there is message counting . U have 8 days left

sorry dont even understand the question

I have 300 £
Under the balance there is message says
There is 8 days left

ah I assume that is your budget summary , its in green under the actual amount in your account ???

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There are 8 days till the end of the month. Do you mean the ‘left to spend’ bar?

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4 days
I transfer the mony i didnt not understand why this message

This is part of the budgeting features. You can set it up to countdown until next time you’re paid, and will show you how much you have remaining excluding any scheduled bills

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so you’ve set your budget to end in 4 days time - at the moment you seem to have 22.20 left to last you 4 days in your budget estimate , this is a guess from Monzo based on your current spending patterns…you actually have 22.20 in your account which is the big black number - the 22,20 in orange / brown is an estimate of your available spend until the end of your preset budget time scale

So this is no thing to worry about it at all in the future. I thought i must spend them or they will freez them or i will lose them

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its an estimate of when you will run out of money based on the budget you have set and what you are actually spending day to day … accounting for the number of days left that you have set for your budget - designed to let you know you have more to spend if you wish ( displayed in green ) , or that you should not be spending as much over the next four days as you will run out of money ( displayed in orange for take care you’re spending too much or red if you are over budget and will run out before the end of your budget time )

Thanks alot . I understand now


Could be the end of the world…:flushed:

Hahaha :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::star_struck: could be

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