Monzo & IFTTT - Share your creations here!

(Richard Cook) #1

We’ve integrated with IFTTT! :confetti_ball:

Share your fantastic creations below!

Here’s a link to get you started:

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(Brenda Wong) #3

The weather stuff is the most fun. An actual ‘Rainy Day’ Pot :heart_eyes:

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Wait, how do we create out own, it’s only showing Monzo as option for the prebuilt ones? Am I missing something?

(Alex Sherwood) #6

I’m not seeing the to use Monzo in new applets on desktop but it’s there in the app.


Was just about to type that. I was on the web version, mobile version is showing the options. Thank you!

(Peter Shillito) #8

I asked this in the support thread. The app won’t login for me so I haven’t got much choice but use the website lol…


First one, just to give it a test tomorrow lunchtime, when I buy a burito from Chilango, it will change my spotify playlist to suit the mood!


Going to see how it goes tomorrow!

(Adam Kendrew) #10

Gone for an automatic transfer to my holiday pot to start with. Proper cool!

(Richard Cook) #11

Here’s mine!

(Simon B) #12

My Google Assistant integration. Moves £1 into a Pot every time I ask Google to save money :muscle:

(also works on Google Home etc)


I failed so hard at trying to get this working. :disappointed:

(Jack) #14

Adds £5 to a pot… mindblown :exploding_head:

(Simon B) #15

Google Home video version

(Adam Kendrew) #16

Just set mine up to add some money to my Florida 2019 pot every time I say ‘Hey Google, it’s Florida time!’ :joy:

(Simon B) #17

Florida time! I love it.

I need a new Pot to save up for my next trip to Paisley Park… Maybe I’ll call it “Minneapolis Time” :slight_smile::muscle:



(Jack) #19

I have a flic button, tempted to setup an IFTTT so that each time I get distracted from revision I click the button and it moves £2 to a pot. I think my account would be drained fast though if today is anything to go by.


To pay a holiday bill :sunny:

To put money aside for emergencies or things I want. (It used to be fuel money but WFH is ace)

Money for my yearly car service & MOT :tada: