Community Roundup - 8/6/18

Hey everyone :wave:

So much happens here on the Community, and we don’t want you to miss a thing :heart_eyes:

That’s why we bring you a roundup of the best content from across the forum. So here’s the good stuff you need to check out:

  • Our Community Q&A this week was with @valerio from our Revenue team! He’s been chatting cats, loans, and more. Check out his answers here!
  • We launched an integration with auto-magic web service IFTTT. As always, we want to hear your feedback - but we also want to see your latest and greatest IFTTT applets too. So drop them here.
  • We’re going to be at London Pride this year! Here’s how you can get involved.
  • Tell us: how did you first hear about Monzo?

And just for fun:

We’ve gathered up some of our favourite Community IFTTT applets into a Twitter moment. It’s only been 24 hours, but we’re really impressed by the creativity on display!

See you next week :heart:

Oh, and one more thing. Do you find these roundups useful? I’m thinking about whether they’re a useful way to keep you updated on all things Community, or if it’d be better to just stick to the other places we keep you in the loop. Either way, lemme know!


I find them useful but I don’t know why the roundup’s are in two places (Email and Forum) so maybe good just to stick to one?

email please 30,000 forum users - 700,000 that never come near the forum :slight_smile: - I could ask 5 or 6 monzo users I know and they would have never heard of coin jar etc etc :slight_smile:

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That’s a good point @iansilversides

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I like the community roundup, there has been so many threads lately it’s easy to forget and miss out several key things that happened earlier in the week. I also love the random news story/ video/ gif that usually accompanies these updates, even though there’s none this week :cry:


Agreed. I like to see it in the Community and when busy can’t read thru all my emails, there are just too many (even excluding spam)

I didn’t know Monzo sent these as an email? I’ve never had one. Personally regarding email I’m happy with just the monthly “what we’ve done this month / working on next “ emails as too many gets annoying.

I like these in the forum though especially when I don’t get time to browse everything.

We’ll always have :confused_dog:

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I demand request more wholesome :confused_dog: type stories in the community updates