Monzo & IFTTT - Support Thread

If you find any bugs, or just need help with the IFTTT integration - post here!


I seem to be unable to create applets with Monzo as the service, leaving me with the pre-made ones. Is that coming, or is that an actual decision?

I am already signed into Monzo with IFTTT it appears in the “My Services” section.

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I can create it on mobile, but not on web…


Just tried to install the app on iOS and ended up in a login loop :frowning_face:

As soon as try and turn on a Monzo made applet in the android app it crashes :frowning:

Edit: this only happens on applets that don’t require Monzo sign in. If you activate another applet that requires sign in, the others then work correctly :slight_smile:

We’re investigating issues where some users cannot create custom applets on Desktop. This is an issue on IFTTT’s side. In the meantime, please use the IFTTT app if you can!

Thanks for bearing with us with these teething issues!

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Okay, it’s showing up now in the list of services when creating a fresh applet now. Time to experiment…

Had a few reports that the issue is resolved now. Try logging out and in again, let me know if it’s still happening.

I’d love to know about the privacy implications of this. Specifically, is Monzo sending certain data to IFTTT, or is IFTTT repeatedly polling Monzo to check everything it possibly can about your account?

To put that into context, if I use the “Move money into a pot” action, but don’t have any notifications for payments setup, can IFTTT still see all of the transactions going through my account? I assume there also isn’t any visibility into what places like IFTTT have access to at the moment - is that planned?


Not sure if a bug or intended but when an IFFT command runs to move money you don’t get a Monzo notification as confirmation. I had to open the app to check it had moved.

FAQs on privacy here:


  • IFTTT get your name
  • IFTTT have permission to poll for information described on the login page. But they won’t unless you set up an applet with that trigger. They MUST specify an Applet ID when they poll.
  • We notify IFTTT in real time whenever new data is available to be polled.

Hope this helps.



Is there a variable to get a transaction amount when any card purchase is triggered?

edit: {{AmountInAccountCurrency}} < got it

I’d completely missed the fact you could use variables (indredients) :open_mouth:

I wonder if you can use maths/formulas as well to round amounts to other numbers e.g.

We can do arithmetic but our users can’t

You can request applets in the feedback thread.

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Useful documentation here:

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This is platform documentation (intended to be read by partners like Monzo).

End-user docs can be found at


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You mean applet?

Once I’ve made my own applet how do I share it?

How do IFTTT make any money? Everything seems free. I see no adverts.

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