Monzo Labs: Bills Pots 🍯

It was released for iOS earlier today. Make sure you’re on the latest version and post your version number on here so we can check :slight_smile:

Sorry if I’ve missed it in the thread but how will my feed look once the bills are paid? Will I see money coming back from my pot and then the DD being paid or will it all happen behind the scenes? Can anyone post any screen shots of how it would look?

It withdraws from the pot first

Very excited for standing orders. How long were direct debits in staff testing before going to labs? And how long have standing orders been in?

I know the numbers might not mean precisely when standing orders are coming, but a rough idea might be nice

Yep, I have enabled in labs but my wife hasn’t done that yet.

For now, you can make this happen with IFTTT:

Since all transfers occur in the early hours, can you not just schedule both for the same day?

Got myself a new pot image for my Bill Pot too :grinning:


Thanks. I wasn’t sure how payments are scheduled and whether it might result in the standing order being unfulfilled. Would that work?

Does it make a difference if the money is in a savings pot?

To mention something I asked this morning, my summary shows as being £40 ish out from the balance. All of my standing order have come out with none left for this month (though there are some recurring card payments left) so my theory was that DDs were also looking at the category of the DDs so that the Summary doesn’t take into account money that’s already set aside in the relevant pot the DDs are coming out of.

The “Personal Care” category shows as me being up by £9 (or at least highlighted in green) which changes when I change the categories of my insurances to “Bills” to the right amount that has been paid.

Thought I’d feed it back in case this is something that effects those who have DDs coming out under different categories :+1:

So one thing I noticed was after simply creating my Bills Pot my Summary chart went from Amber to Green though nothing had changed. Not sure why?

I really like this so far.

If and when there’s decent integration with AMEX, to allow AMEX spending to move to a pot - I would be very happy (I know there are some workarounds but…) Until then I’ll keep my credit card out of the equation but the bills alone is nice.

Standing Orders and Subscriptions next please!

Also this is what I went with for my Bills pot image


Here’s another;

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Here’s mine :joy:


I believe withdrawals from pots occur before standing orders and direct debits. Maybe @SimonAmor could confirm?

The only caveat to this is that if it’s a savings pot, it’ll take 24 hours for you to get that money (as savings pots aren’t instant withdrawal).

Emoji, coz why not? :grin:

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A nod to @anon72173902 for posting the gif of burning money

Works very well as a still image for bills pots;


I think I need to up my Pot Image game.

The eternal money-sucking black hole of doom


Also a Locked Pot for bills… I may have missed it in the many posts above but does that work?

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Yes it does, and seen to work for me yesterday


Not quite as good as some of the others so far… I did however have to photoshop the $ symbol and replace it with a £ as it just didn’t look right :eyes:

I’ve only just noticed it says “St. Charles Place”… back to photoshop tomorrow I go :pensive: