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A collection of community created IFTTT applets. This post is a wiki so please feel free to add your own creations to the table below. This is intended to house only applets that could not be created by users with the standard triggers & actions in IFTTT (i.e require the use of IFTTT Platform).

Note that these applets are provided by members of the community who often have shared the source code in the linked threads for each wiki entry below. You use these applets at your own risk with no guarantee of support from the author. If you are unsure about what an applet is doing then it is always wise to create your own.

Other resources:

Category Purpose Description Applets Author
Behaviour Modification Swear Jar Have you got an issue with swearing? Just say “Ok Google, I’ve been naughty.” Saying it out loud will teach you. Also the fact you’ll lose money every time you do! :poop: Swear Jar @SheaLavington
Excercise Save with Strava Variations on the Monzo applet to save when completing activities in Strava. 1p/20m (50p/km)
1p/40m (25p/km)
1p/50m (20p/km)
1p/100m (10p/km)
1p/200m (5p/km)
1p/500m (2p/km)
Google Assistant Ask Google Assistant to Add to a Pot Ok Google, add £1 to savings. — Will move £# from your main account into your selected pot. (Great for saving, or rewarding kids after being good, (Ok Google, add £1 to kids pot)) NOTE (Currently, only whole numbers work (£5, £1, etc). Ask Google Assistant to add money to a pot @SheaLavington
Google Assistant Ask Google Assistant to Withdraw from a Pot Ok Google, remove £1 from savings. — Will move £# from your pot to your spending account. Naughty Kids? (Ok Google, remove £1 from kids pot) NOTE (Currently, only whole numbers work (£5, £1, etc). Ask Google Assistant to remove money from a pot. @SheaLavington
Round Up Round Up to Next 10p Round up to the nearest round 10p value.

e.g. £2.79 spend = 1p moved
Nearest 10p
Round Up Round Up To Next £10 This one is for anyone who really likes a Zero at the end of their balance… Will round any card transaction to the next whole £10.

e.g. £2.80 spend = £10 moved
Nearest £10 @BritishLibrary
Round Up Round Up Multiplier Rounds to the nearest whole pound, then multiplies it by the multiplier.

E.g. £2.80 spent = 20p x 3 = 60p moved
Round Up Round Up Transaction Percentage Move a percentage of the transaction value to a pot.

e.g. £2.80 spend = £2.80 * 10% = 28p
Round Up Split Round Up by Percentage Put a percentage of a roundup into a pot.

e.g. £2.80 spent = 20p * 10% = 2p moved
10% 20%
30% 40%
50% 60%
70% 80%
Savings Day of the Week Savings Challenge On Monday save £1. On Tuesday £2. This goes up to £7 on Sunday and then starts again on Monday. Save £1500 a year! Weekly Savings Challenge @conradj
Savings Reverse 1p Savings Challenge A savings challenge that gets easier every day! Gradually decrease the amount you’re saving each day to a pot of your choice. On 1st January, you’ll save £3.65. On 2nd January, you’ll save £3.64. Reverse 1p Savings Challenge @conradj
Savings Save £1 a Day Every day transfer £#, into a pot of your choice. A challenge aimed at saving you money every day without getting more or less expensive throughout the year. Save £1 every day @SheaLavington
Spending Withdraw savings when spending in a category Transfer the transaction value out of a pot if the purchase if from a category.

Spend £5 on Transport = Move £5 out of a pot.
Eating Out
Spending Withdraw from saving when you spend in a country When you spend in a given country the value of the transaction will be withdrawn from a pot of your choice. USA @swok1080
Round Up Fully Rounded Multiplier Multiplies the spare change from a transaction, and rounds that to keep your balance to whole £1’s.
e.g, Spend £1.80 - gives 20p Change x 2 = 40p, £1.80 + £0.40 = £2.20, and so adds £0.80 to round to a whole £3.

Requested Creations


Great thread, thanks for making it it!

There are loads of great suggestions for Plus specific IFTTT suggestions too, using Google Sheets. Not sure if that’s worth editing into the table or not, or maybe a separate post.

I suppose they’ll be more “here’s how you can do… [thing]” rather than a specific integration.

Appreciate the mention, I have 4 active published connections. :slight_smile:

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I thought about having a “Requests” or “Future ideas” table too but thought it might get messy.

As you say the trouble with sheets integrations being how everyone’s sheet will differ in format. If it’s based on the actual “Monzo Transactions” sheet then that can 100% go in here.

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Added the extra 2 :slight_smile:

I only initially added applets that had been shared on the community.

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these are my favourites that get used on a regular basis (not my own):

and one (that I do not use on a regular basis…) is putting away savings when I use Strava

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These are in there already:

Sadly I don’t know who @pmallam is as a community user so I can’t credit them.

This is a Monzo applet so wouldn’t live in this wiki but you’ve just reminded me that there was some discussion about 1p/10m being too high for savings in the past. I’m going to go dig out that conversation and make some variants.

Withdraw savings when spending in a category

I really like these but need one for Shopping category I can’t seem to find it but would love to learn how to create it myself? Does anyone know if @pmallam is reachable?

No worries I’ll make one a bit later and put some instructions together.

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That would be awesome thanks. Do you need to knowledge of javascript to specify categories?

It’s actually TypeScript but no you don’t need much knowledge of JavaScript per se; I have basically none. But previous coding experience does help with the Google foo to work out the right syntax.

Usually there’s only 3-5 lines worth of code so it’s not overly complex but you need to know what you’re trying to do. I’ll wrote the instructions in such a way that you could replicate them for any category, especially since people now have custom categories it might be useful for others.


I’ve added the shopping applet above. I’m halfway through the explanation, just going to have some food then I’ll post it and tag you in @Serialswitcher

Thanks @swok1080 that’s not quite was I was after though, unles you’re still working on it?
As with the others I need to redeem the money based on the assigned category not a specific merchant and amount.

Wait until Swok comes back to explain - but the bit you can’t see is the filter code that runs in the background.

That’s the typescript bit mentioned - and it’s that code that will “select” the Shopping category to move money for.

Yep @BritishLibrary is correct; I did cover it in the explanation but basically I’ve made this a bit more flexible than the others in that you could limit to Shopping & a merchant & >£10 or just to Shopping. Leave the merchant blank and the amount as “0” and it will operate exactly the same as @pmallam’s.

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Ah my mistake, jumped the gun when saw it gave me the option to specify. Thanks a lot @swok1080 will read the instructions later.


The Eating Out trigger doesn’t work. The money doesn’t get redeemed out of the pot I chose. Any ideas?

Could it be because of any case sensitivity? It looks like the category it’s searching for is “Eating Out” when you have “Eating out”

Maybe try changing the case of the O and see if that works on the next one?

It’s the one pmallam created. Pretty sure it worked before but you might be right there

Ah I figured maybe it was a custom category. Ignore that.

Has it worked before for you?

Edit: I think Monzo have actually changed the case.

Suggests it used to be capital O in Out, the app today is not.

Think that’s it.