Monzo & IFTTT - Feedback Megathread

(Richard Cook) #1

Today we’re pleased to announce our integration with IFTTT! :tada:

Got feedback on it? Share it below.

And we’ve also got separate topics for:

'your salary has been paid' IFTTT trigger
Percentage integration with IFTTT
IFTTT Triggers & Actions
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(Brenda Wong) #2

(Kenneth Cajigas) #4

This is AMAZING!!! Thank you Monzo :heart: giphy

(Jack) #5

So many possibilities! :clap:t2: Where do we start :astonished:
Great work Monzo, this really is a great addition :heart::mondo:


OMG!!! I live by IFTTT - This is amazing, Christmas has come early!!!

(Charlie Kelly) #7

This is beyond awesome. There goes my evening!

(Lewis King) #8

Amazing! But no way to set a trigger for incoming payments? Only outgoing card transactions?

If you allow for incoming, IFTTT could handle all the automatic moving money to pots you’ve been building!

(Kenneth Cajigas) #9

Just wondering, this applet

Is this basically Coin Jar? Or does it round up absolutely everything?

(Kieran) #10

@kieranmch confirmed on the dev slack that This one doesn’t have the £10 or £1 constraint


This is great!


Wow this is epic


Can you set up something through this to move money from pot into main account once ‘x’ direct debt paid?

(Adam Kendrew) #14

This is brilliant. Great work! :raised_hands:t3:


My favourite is the 1p Applet, I’ve had it set up for a week :raised_hands:

(Frank) #16

Please please PLEASE allow direct debits as a trigger alongside card purchase.

I am so close to a pot paying into the account when a direct debit leaves. :clap:t2:

Monzo & IFTTT - Share your creations here!
(Peter Shillito) #17

I feel sorry for your transaction timeline… :laughing:


that’s not even the worst thing that’s happened…

(renamed to Round Up)


(Alex Sherwood) #19

Are there any plans to add salary, overdraft & Pots triggers in the future?

To steal from Brenda’s tweet user’s could make a song play when they got paid their salary. Or I could set my Hue Bulb to flash red when I go into my overdraft..

I know Monzo can’t spot salary payments yet but I’m assuming that’ll be added at some point..

Monzo & IFTTT - Share your creations here!
(Damien) #20

Now we just need YNAB integration with IFTTT and we’re sorted!

(Kieran McHugh) #21

See the FAQ on this page for details of what we want to launch next.

Will respond to all questions in detail once we are done with launch! Cheers.