Automatically Closed Topics

Any idea why this topic was automatically closed? It was really useful/interesting seeing what other people had created and the reason given for the closure doesn’t tally up with what’s actually happening on the topic.

They close if there is no activity on it after 180 days.

Oh sorry I just saw the shot - there was a reply today?


I think there’s a bug in Discourse - all posts in that topic are showing as 3hrs old, including Richard’s first one.


But the last activity on it was 3 hours ago.

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Something weird happened because it said I commented 3 hours ago but it’s been months since I was on that topic. So don’t believe the time stamps


Good point, I hadn’t noticed that. @BritishLibrary had you posted in this today, or are these all old posts?


Maybe they are doing updates on the server that host the site/community and it’s temporarily kicked the servers clock out of sync and caused issues on the community?

Same as others say - they were very old posts.

Got tagged by the auto closed thing and confused when I saw my own post with “34m ago”

Definitely sounds like a bug.


How come not every topic auto closes either?

There are a lot that haven’t had any activity since 2019 that are still open.

Personally, I don’t understand the point of closing inactive threads. There will be a point, where the topic at hand will warrant a resurgence. For instance someone mentioned master feeds in a topic the other day, and rather then keep the off topic discussion in that thread, I went looking for the thread that was already discussing master feeds to reply there. But it was locked, so I didn’t reply.

I find myself in that predicament quite often on here.


I’m with you on this one. What purpose does closing old topics actually serve?

At the very least we should have the option to reply and have our response go via a moderator before it’s posted and the topic is reopened. Is that an option on Discord?


I think that the default for closing after six months depends on the forum category. Some autoclose and some don’t.

I don’t know the reason, but I suspect part of it is because some of the trolls we’ve experienced in the past went through and added low value (and then increasingly insulting) posts to as many years old topics they could find.

When I did coral crew stuff, folk could always (and often did) send me a DM for unlocks. Might be worth asking @AlanDoe when that comes up?

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Presumably the new sign up restrictions have put a curb to a lot of that behaviour, and so if those remain in place, maybe worth reevaluating this too.

For reference, the threads I went looking for that were closed are two of yours! :joy:


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You can always drop me a DM :point_up:

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You need to look up the meaning of ‘on holiday’


The community doesn’t count as work. It never has (& also I’m on the train back from Milan so what else am I gonna do? :joy:)


Gonna have to start suspending your account each time you’re meant to be taking time off @Dan5 :beach_umbrella:


Would we like that original Topic opened up again?

Or are we just querying the mechanics of the Community? :thinking:

The initial query came from the fact that the topic was automatically closed even though people were actively replying.

It turns out that the topic has actually been dormant for a while, how long we don’t know though because a bug in Discord seems to have reset the timestamps on all of the posts. It may be that these aren’t actually 180 days old.

Not sure what’s best on the reopening thing. It’s a very useful topic and it’s always good for people to be able to post their new creations in there, but on the other side if it’s dead, then it’s dead. If there’s an option to give it another 180 days before it gets closed, that’s probably the best middle-ground. Gives people the ability to use it if they want to, if not then it goes in 6 months.

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You’ll have to try harder than that :rofl:

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