Launching Pots

Pots are here! A simple way to set money aside, within your main Monzo account :honey_pot:


Good news, disappointing Android will be an entire week behind though!


I’m going to try a bit of an experiment here which should make it easier for Monzo to see which functionality users would find most useful & also reduce the number of people posting requests for the same things..

This poll (which allows you to select up to 10 choices) is a list of every request that I’ve been able to find so far (I can’t edit these options so if I’ve missed any, you’ll need to post them as a comment), please vote for all of the functionality that you’d find useful.

  • Schedule automatic transfers into Pots, either by date or when you get paid
  • Schedule automatic transfers out of Pots (including Direct Debits & Standing Orders)
  • Transfer the change from each transaction into a Pot
  • Sweep money from the current account into Pots (i.e. at the end of each month)
  • Transfer money into Pots when the CA is credited with an amount over a certain threshold
  • Transfer money out of Pots when the CA balance gets too low
  • Make payments from Pots
  • Retrospectively assign a transaction to a Pot, after it’s been made
  • Shared access to Pots
  • Lock Pots for set amount of time
  • Specify precise amounts to transfer in / withdraw from Pots
  • Custom images for Pots
  • Each Pot has it’s own account number (& therefore, an IBAN too)
  • IFTTT integration
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Thanks to the Leaders who helped make sure that I didn’t miss (too many) of the requests for this poll :raised_hands:

there’s been lots of discussion about this feature here already too -


Am I right in thinking that I’ll have to wait for my Prepaid account to be merged with my Current Account before I can use this?

Yes, this is only supported in the ‘main’ app (blue icon) for Current Account customers.

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My first impression of Pots is not good of no use to anyone if you can’t define the exact amount you want to transfer. A prity straight forward idea but look like little thought put in to it. Will not be using this until this problem is corrected. VERRY DISAPPOINTING


Shame about Android being a week behind, was hoping there would be more platform parity by this point :frowning:


How’s that Android Pay working out for ya? :stuck_out_tongue:

This is just around the corner. Patience is a virtue and all that…


Never tried it :stuck_out_tongue: I know, I know, I’m an impatient millenial and all that haha but in all seriousness well done to all the team for putting out such a good feature before the end of the year (and according to the Trello board - ahead of schedule!)


If you want Pots and you haven’t had your account upgraded yet, visit the “Help” section in your app and find the question about upgrading to a current account :slight_smile: In there, there’s a form you can click out to request to be manually upgraded! We’ll then do it in the next day or two.


I’m so confused. I have a blue app for the prepaid card (installed via TestFlight), and a white app for the Current Account (also installed via TestFlight) - both apps are up to date.

Am I right in thinking I can’t see pots functionality in either of these apps because my prepaid account is not upgraded to a current account?
Does the blue app (App Store) contain functionality which is absent in the blue app (Test Flight)?
Or does this just not work with any prepaid or CA (white Test Flight app) accounts?

My head is dizzy.

I like everything that is written in the blog under;

Our plans for Pots

I think we need to give this about 6-10 months. I am sure we will see a unique product. Development takes time and this only the first form of Pots.


…I shall be doing this :slight_smile:

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Correct. You’ve got it!


Only one slight little bug I’ve found with pots, the little black dot underneath doesn’t quite keep up to the correct pot being viewed :sweat_smile:08F9ECE0-B995-465A-AEA7-C5470DB4B171


First paragraph of the blog;

…And it’s why we built Targets, to allow you to set monthly spending goals.

An Andriod user :thinking::scream_cat::man_shrugging::question:


At the moment pots doesn’t provide any interest, which makes it less useful for us to save towards something. Perhaps, Monzo could host the money we put into Pots into a bank account held by other banks and pass all the interest (however low) to users? E.g. Monzo could automatically put the money into a current account with Barclays for example that pays 0.25% interest - little interest is better than none!

I know there are other apps like Chip that allows us to put money in their wallet, but they will host the money elsewhere and pass us interest (wherever applicable), but perhaps Monzo could do the same for the time being?

It’d be great if Monzo could allow us to use Pots to put money into a third-party ISA provider e.g. Nutmeg in the example above, or allow us to chip directly into a pension e.g. Pension Bee etc and we can manage our money all in one app!


That is sort of the way that third party integrations are planned to work, I believe. The external bank accounts will belong to the individual customer, though, and not be an agregated fund as you describe.

I’d certainly not want my money taken out of my pots to an account not in my name and held elsewhere.


Parity has been just around the corner for a year though :confused:

I’m hoping for a big update at some point where it all comes at once.

I think it might be a good idea to be able to mark pots as available to cover funds in an emergency.

If I’m saving for something I don’t honestly need, I’d prefer for money to come out of that pot than decline my mortgage.

Im sure it’s more complicated than I understand though.