Have you seen the price of the Pixel phones? :smiley:


Samsung S8 and very happy, thank you :joy:

Pixel does attract me slightly.

That’s what I was thinking - flagship devices aren’t much different in price regardless who you buy!


Looking forward to the save the change type feature in pots! will be great, Also could be cool for using as a type of joint account with someone. Both pay money in then can use that pot to pay DD if it has it’s own account number etc.


I’ll be honest I’ve been thinking of switching to Android! iOS just isn’t worth it anymore don’t even think I like the phone but let’s not get derailed from the convo :joy:


Oh :disappointed_relieved: I only got added as I was having issues with the CA preview to be honest…my friends just tweeted apparently the update it live now on app store



Pots :grin:

Is it a bug or can you not assign custom images to a pot? I clicked on the camera icon when setting up a pot but it didn’t do anything…


Not a bug. Just the way it works.

Two pots set up and appears to be working as I would expect it to. Nice one! :slight_smile:


All working for me! Looking good!

Just update the app now, but can’t find pots anywhere ?!!

Force close the app, restart then swipe sideways on the ‘Account’ scrren image of a Monzo card…

It’s on the accounts page. Swipe left and the option to create a pot should arrive. Not the most obvious but I like that in a way. It increases the likelihood I’ll forget the money once potted and not start spending. :slight_smile:

Same here, just got the update, no ‘Accounts’ icon, still says ‘Card’

I still have 2 versions of the app to, one for current account and one for pre-paid, is this right?

No. Until you (are invited to) merge your preview Current Account and Prepaid account you won’t have access to Pots I’m afraid.

It’s the blue ‘prepaid’ app that will support them, but only for Current Accounts.

I had to uninstall the app and install again, but Pots are there now :slight_smile:


Can you define an amount or do you have to go up in stages 10,20,50,100 and so on.

Specifying specific amounts to put into pots is my favourite idea at the moment.

@alexs has created a useful poll here so you can vote on your favourite ideas.


With the launching of the Pots feaure and the publication of the accompanying Blog post, it’s only right that the ongoing discussion should carry on in the associated thread here.